No really... CHARGE!!!

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Matt Zimmitti
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No really... CHARGE!!!

Postby Matt Zimmitti » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:18 am

Hey all,

Lots of incremental changes have been going in and lots of balancing has been done (thanks to your feedback) and we're inching our way towards a play experience that reflects the vision of the game.

As such, starting with the next build definitely play from the start of the campaign and try to play with a fresh set of eyes. Look over the help as it has seen a lot of changes in recent days. Keep the difficulty of the game as it progresses in mind as pretty thorough balancing has been done and a lot of little bugs have been squashed that were making balance a little tougher than it needed to be. The AI has had various important updates and the UI has as well.

In short, I feel like we're getting close. We still have some awkward bugs to squash and I would imagine some more to find. Still, be critical of the game as a whole and of how it plays now. Mess around with different strategies that you haven't tried before both on the confed level and in missions.

Once again, thanks for your help in getting us to this point. I can't imagine (ok, I can but don't want to imagine) where we'd be without you guys.


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Postby EmperorJay » Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:20 pm

I haven't had the chance yet to dive into Mosby's, but I'll definitely give it a shot this weekend. I've been keeping myself updated and the game still definitely looks interesting!

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Postby ADJB » Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:34 pm

I'm lazy.

It would be nice if you could select a group of troops by clicking on the bar above the mini icons.

Although its obvious I didn't see any mention in the help that you can move the screen display by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen.

Couple of questions about game logic.

I have been trying a few missions by using stealth rather than force.

Although it works fine as far as completing missions goes I get very little reward which means its not worth pursuing as a tactic as I can't build up the towns which I need to do for later missions.

If I capture something with a single soldier the flag goes down and up in increments slowly. If I send a group of troops or more to capture something then the flag swiftly and smoothly descends and rises. This means a good tactic in a heavily guarded situation is to send a group of (preferably mounted) troops in, quickly grab the prize and run away, which frequently can be done without taking any injuries because The first shots fired against me are while I am charging towards the prize and therefore miss.

Although I can see this as a tactic it does seem a bit strange given.....

As soon as you capture (or kill) the last object the mission ends. I would have thought that it would be better to have the option of continuing the mission (say to kill extra soldiers to gain ammunition back) or to make the end of a mission when Mosby legitimately leaves via an exit.

See screenshot MC beta 1_2008-11-13_21-16-56.jpg for some of the straightest water ever seen. Not a bug but it doesn't look right.

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