Impressions of the Nov 13 build

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Impressions of the Nov 13 build

Postby Tasharil » Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:01 am

First let me say the last two builds this week have been the best I have seen to date. The nagging little bugs that went away and reappeared and went away seem to have gone away for good.

The help system is very nice. I wish I would have had it o' so many builds ago but it is really good to see it as it is now.

I still wish for some kind of Mosby promotion notice. He magically gains rank and while it may have no bearing on overall score (that I can tell) it would still be nice to note his rise through the ranks. Do his stats increase when he gets promoted?

Wounded soldiers still confuse me. At the end of the mission when they appear on the casualty screen it seems like they have already gone to the next month and healed, or something has happened. I have completely healthy soldiers on the casualty screen and that does not seem right. Maybe they should be on that screen in their fully wounded condition and then when you get to the town you can see the effects of healing? Just a thought.

I am torn between soldiers doing their own thing and following the orders I am trying to give them. On one hand it is nice when they react to enemies shooting directly at them, but when I am trying to set up a flank and they refuse to go where I tell them it becomse very frustrating.

Mosby still has an annoying tendency to rush out in front of the rest of his squad when they react to enemy activity and more often than not he is the target of all enemy fire and ends up wounded. Yes, leadership is nice, but when the enemy AI seems to like to target the closest soldier, this is really a pain. Ordering him back does not do much good, he just runs where he wants.

Causing enemies to panic seems to be working well now. I actually saw an enemy flee and at the end of the mission he was off the map and credited in the briefing. I think this is the first time I caused it by shooting and not by causing so many casualties that the enemy mass fled off the map.

It seems like the first skirmish on any map is going to leave at least one of my soldiers with some kind of wound. I don't know if this is deliberate or not, but when I attack a single enemy soldier with six soldiers and flank them with five more and I end up with two wounded before they are dead or surrendered just seems a bit too skewed toward the enemy.

Now that the maps are fully and beautifully rendered, collision detection has become an issue but I expect that to be resolved soon. Walls, buildings and even streams pose no barrier to soldiers or enemies in hot pursuit. They develop selective hearing when I ask them to move back across the wall they just crossed and insist on walking to the other end of the field and around the end of the wall before ending up at the destination, ten feet from where they started. Oh, and if they happen to end up inside a building forget it. I guess there must be a roaring fireplace in there and with the snow on the ground outside they just refuse to come out.

The enemy reaction range seems to be better balanced now and not as extreme as it was earlier. I still get surprised sometimes by the multiple chain reactions but for the most part they seem to be pretty logical.

Overall I think the game is coming together very nicely. Every build is getting less buggy and more fun. OK, time for some more raiding!

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