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RC comments

Postby ADJB » Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:27 pm

I have played a complete campaign on the RC build today and here a few observation's.

I think the difficulty level is now too easy. I have not had to restart any missions and have only lost 4 men (all on the same mission) through the whole game. I realise I have effectively played the game a number of times before but my lack of casualties seems far too low. I have played the whole game with recruits, or when I didn't have any due to promotions, the lowest ranked soldiers available.

I have updated my graphic drivers to Catalyst 8.11 and have noticed quite a large number of graphic glitches. Nothing disastrous but it looks like "joins" in the scenery.

AFAIK when you finish the last mission there is no way you can see your final renown score, only the text saying what you have done well / badly. As a lot of the game is based around your renown / reputation points it would be nice to see the final renown score.

There still appears to be a small glitch in the soldier movement logic where a soldier will "flicker" or repeatedly go round in circles when it can't get to a particular place.

On the final score screen is "remarkable" the highest ranking?.

I notice that in a mission you only get the gunfire sound if you are zoomed in quite close to the action. As I play the game from a much higher overview to see what's going on it means there is hardly any ingame sound.

The music not always playing at the main selection screen bug is still there.

Is it possible to slightly randomise the starting positions of the objectives and enemy soldiers to enhance the replayability. At the moment I know almost exactly how to approach each mission on each map as they always appear to be the same.

I realise the above sounds like a lot of moaning but all the major bugs now appear to have been sorted and the game is very playable, best of luck on release guys, you've done a great job.
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Postby vic_4 » Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:41 am

I did not find it too easy, even if I could go through without dead soldiers, I got quite a bit of wounded in the various missions.
May be there could be a difficulty modifier, an easy way which comes to my mind is the number of attributes you are able to add to Mosby per mission, i.e. 1 every 2 missions difficult, 1 per mission normal, 2 per mission easy.

Matt Zimmitti
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Postby Matt Zimmitti » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:27 pm

We're still looking into a potential update (which is relatively easy to do with Steam) so don't be afraid to continue to comment on the state of the game. We support our games pretty rigorously after ship so feel free to voice any concerns. We'll most likely get a lot of similar feedback for areas of improvement once it is live and a bunch more different people on different machine configs get their hands on it as well.

In short, the door is not closed.

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