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Waters of the Nile

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:07 am
by Rhamses
Greetings fellow builders on the Nile. I would like to present to you a way for those with creative inclinations to have an outlet here among the reeds and waters of our beloved browser-based game.

I will present an Egyptian-themed work of fiction that anyone can jump in and add to. It will be interesting, I think, to see what we can come up with.

Here is my first offering and an introduction to the story:

The waters of the Nile rise and fall with the seasons and the workers shift labor from one task to another. From the sweat of their brows, they produce the wonders of our ancient world. For all the marvels there are to behold, evil too lurks, from the waters of the Nile to the shifting desert watches...waiting for an opportunity to strike.

What form might evil take this day? Slithering among the reeds, burrowing through the sands, will the smiling death consume us with the very waters that bring us life? who is to say?

A Tale of The Waters of the Nile

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:18 am
by Rhamses
Flowing with bounty, the Nile carries with it the life's blood of Egypt. As much as the Nile carries life for its people, so do the noble ladies carry the future of generations to come. Here is one tale...

Among the reeds, the workers continue to harvest the bounty that the gods of Egypt have seen fit to send to them via the Nile. The sun has begun to set and the air grows cooler. As the workers gather their last baskets, a woman cries out in pain and falls with a splash into the river.

Nearby workers move quickly and pull her to the bank where she cries out for the life of her unborn child. Working quickly, they carry her to a nearby hovel where she gives birth to a beautiful girl. The other slaves pool their meager resources to provide milk and swaddling clothes for the infant.

The woman, Bathsheba, is a woman of great beauty even though she is but a slave. No one knows who the mysterious father of her newborn daughter is but her desire for secrecy has raised some suspicions. There are murmurs among the slaves and those working the reeds near the Nile are not the only ones to speak of it. What is in store for Bathsheba and her child?

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:48 am
by Hippocratia
Strange signs and evil portents have been reported up and down the Nile. Many boats have been lost to Hapi, and the crocodile population seems to have diminished. Scribes are recording the losses and reporting them to our Lord and Pharaoh. General advice is to make sure that you have made the appropriate burnt offerings at your closest temple before your ships set out - not half-way through the journey...

In other news, there have been no more sightings of the predatory monument sites and pyramids that many people witnessed before the flooding of the Nile. In that time of much wailing and gnashing of teeth whole cities were consumed by a group of pyramids that fancied a change of scenery. Only one sphinx was seen, looking exceedingly smug. Our Lord and Pharaoh ordered the appropriate ceremonies to be performed, and after arranging an audience with the said Sphinx, this dreamtime was brought to a speedy conclusion. Some poor deluded people continued to speak of their nightmares, but they are being calmed by a new and improved concoction of wheat, henna, kohl and bitter herbs. If you have a family member that is afflicted, please visit your local apothecary and ask for a prescription.

The weather has been less than forgiving in recent months. We have witnessed some strange cold white flakes falling from the sky - but they appear to vanish on contact with the ground. In some outlying areas, these flakes have been piling up and children have been making models of Set out of them. If you do encounter these flakes, please bring some samples to the Scribes' House, as our previous ones have been replaced by small damp patches.

More news will be provided on Bathsheba and her child as it breaks.

The Nile Online Newsdesk.

The Prince

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:48 am
by Rhamses
...peering through the reeds, the shadow of death slithers silently through the waters of the Nile. He moves to and fro, seeking targets of opportunity, reeking despair and misery in his wake...

A golden palace stands shining bright as the sun, leering down upon the river valley and its inhabitants. Within its gilded walls, there are many wonders and many regrets. A fabled throne of silver, gold, and glittering jewels stand testament to the opulence of his royal highness and evidence of the extravagance afforded one of his station.

On this throne, he sits; a handsome young man with a hunger for the fairer sex. Oh, his appetites are well known among his people. Although his attentions are generous and desirable when given, he frequently shifts them from one nubile to another. The shunned often find themselves on the Nile, seeking what life they can after being cast out from the warm glow of royal attentions.

On a day like any other, the prince turns to his advisor "Where is that woman that was here last year? That one whose beauty has yet to be matched..."

The advisor knowing exactly whom the prince is referring to, but also hearing the rumor afloat on the Nile, feigns ignorance...: "Woman, your highness? There have been so many..."

The prince gives him a stern look...."Find her...I desire her company once again..." He then turns to ponder memories forgotten....memories of their time together...he does not remember for the life of him why he dismissed her.

The advisor, seeing that the prince will not be swayed, turns and leaves in search of the woman in question.

Nile Online Newsdeck

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:29 pm
by Hippocratia
Thanks to our palace correspondent for his update on the mysterious Bathsheba and her child.

In other news, Hapi has been seeing a counsellor and is receiving aversion therapy treatment for his sinking ships addiction. His desire to control the crocodile population has been noted and approved by the crocodile god Sobek, since the Nile housing is reaching its limits and Sobek has reached stalemate in his negotiations with Tawaret.

The weather seems to be improving, and we look forward to bountiful harvests of wheat. Scaremongering by the Pharoah's advisor Josephus regarding seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine has resulted in a thorough investigation of all so-called prophets and also a country-wide drive to stockpile resources whilst we can. We will not be caught out by a bad inundation and we can always rival Rome for bread and circuses if the doomsayers prove to be false.

Share prices on the NOSE (Nile Online Stock Exchange) have risen by 30 points, whilst the RESE (Roman Empire Stock Exchange) has fallen by 20 points.

The Nile Newsdesk

Okar's Folly

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 7:00 am
by Rhamses
Okar, advisor to the prince, sets out of the palace with great reservations. The complications of the current situation weigh heavy on his troubled mind. The pharaoh would surely never allow a common woman to claim the child of a prince; mother or no. The prince had no idea what position he had placed Okar in. On the one hand, he was bound to serve his master and must surely do as commanded. On the other hand, if he did so, it could mean the woman's death and perhaps the death of her child as well.

He continued to ponder as he plodded along the path, not realizing the reeds gradually becoming taller as he ventured closer to the waters of the Nile. He had missed the fork in the path that would take him to the village outside the palace where Bathsheba and her baby dwelt...a sinister force creeping from the river had taken notice, much to Okar's misfortune.

When the crocodile calmly slid back into the river, it was with a full belly. Okar would not be worrying about anything ever again. As darkness falls and the light of the moon reflects on the waters of the Nile, a low, sinister chuckle can be heard. "Ah, what fools these mortals be," grinned Sobek. "Indeed.." Grinned Set, as they exchanged dark glances.

What further calamities may the gods inflict upon us?, you may ask.....but only the gods themselves know their plots and they are not offering even a glimmer of what is to come...