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Postby Drewkun88 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:00 pm

Hi everyone,
Let me begin by saying that I just started playing Nile Online and I love it. I'm not big into RTS or city-building games, and am more of a TBS/RPG person a la Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, etc. I dabbled briefly in CivIII as a kid, and have never played Travian, Age of Empires, or anything like that. so on a whole I am very, very new not just to Nile Online, but to this kind of game in general.

As an aside, prior to starting Nile I was (and still am!) very much into anime and manga. I currently follow 23 anime of varying lengths on a weekly basis, with about a third of them airing on Saturdays. I love collectible card games and board games, with my favourite currently being a toss-up between Dominion and 7 Wonders. I say all of this 1) as a simple way of introducing myself and 2) to say that I absolutely do not come from a city-building background and know virtually zilch about games in the genre.

Having said all that, I have several noob questions that I was hoping someone could help me with.
1) In the game, I'm told that there's a limit for raw materials and goods. Anyone know what they are? (I'm currently building my Level 2 Palace, if that has any effect on the limit).
2) What does the military do, and can I get away with foregoing a military in favour of simply stockpiling resources? Conversely, what's the benefit of devoting my energy and resources to building up my military?
3) What are sculptures, cosmetics, perfume and jewelry good for? Again, can I get away with not building these things or are they a necessity?



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Re: Hello!

Postby Herodotus » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:21 am


Nile Online is a long game. It is also a huge waste of a person's time (personal opinion, others may disagree). The social media aspect General/Trade wall may keep you interested.

Study the wiki, it will answer most questions.

1) Goods are stored in a warehouse. Capacity increases with upgrades. If your capacity is reached for a certain good, you can't make any more of it in your city, although incoming trade and gifts will be stored. To be efficient you need to plan your upgrades and next builds carefully, ie it is about project management and logistics.

2) You can ignore military and many people do. There are two reasons, to win and garrison monuments, which is optional, and to fight bandits, also optional.
Soldiers consume bread which makes them expensive, but bandit spoils can be lucrative. But if fighting bandits efficiently (you can send them off one at a time) you need to be online a lot, sending regularly, or you will waste a lot of bread - (what a bore!)

3) Sculpts, cosmetics etc are all used for upgrades, you must make them or trade for them eventually, and sooner than you think. Jewellery is used for every palace upgrade after a certain point. The other products every so often. This does not make jewellery any more valuable than any other luxury - the game is carefully balanced.

Again, read the wiki, and notice the upgrade tables. It helps you to plan ahead.

Note that you will get quicker answers to questions if you ask them on the general wall in Nile Online. Pick a busy time. If there is social chat going on, they will probably drop it to answer your questions.

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Re: Hello!

Postby jay675 » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:02 am


Just popping in because I noticed this post in passing BUT the wiki is down, at least on my end of things. I tried two different browsers and a mobile device and the wiki is still broken. I CAN click the "view source" tab near the top of the page and get the general information, but any charts and pictures I am unsure of how to get a hold of them. So if you use the wiki, I would suggest doing that, you will still get a lot of information, you just don't get to see the charts and pictures right there like they used to be.

1. If you click on your warehouse, on the left hand side of the screen it will list the current limits of how much it can hold. It increases every level, I don't remember how much though.
2. I agree with Herodotus all the way. If you want monuments or to try getting rewards from bandits, do for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't.
3. You can't make them all yourself, so you will need to buy them from the market if you can't make them. If you make a luxury item, then you can sell some once you start making a lot of them or fill up storage. Make sure you have a lot of bread to trade for goods you aren't producing enough of but need or for luxury goods to upgrade. Bread is sort of the money system in the market.

On a final note, an important thing is try and avoid letting any categories have red numbers next to them. If it is, try cutting back elsewhere or upgrading a building. This can be okay if your storage is full, but it's better to avoid it since this isn't a time consuming game and you could be out of those supplies the next time you login like that. The most important aspect of the game is balancing your workers and stocking up!

Good luck!

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Re: Hello!

Postby Herodotus » Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:20 am

Yes the wiki is down for me too...

Try the Wayback Machine - Use link and on calendar menu select one of the highlighted dates, say 23rd Aug 2013 - it won't have changed much, if at all.

https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://im ... =Main_Page

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