Pharaoh's walker sound files

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Pharaoh's walker sound files

Postby pheeph » Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:47 am

Around the time I was playing the city building game Pharaoh (back in 2000), I asked in the Pharaoh website to see what the walkers say based on the issues happening in the city. They told me it's in this certain directory so I went there.

As I was listening to each and every file, I was surprised about a number of things that I never hear certain walkers say. For example, I always hear the constable, market lady, the architect, and the magistrate say the same lines even though they're far away from housing and other structures. Sure they say things about general issues, but they never say what they think of the city even though the sound files exist for them.

I also found that certain walkers such as laborers have sound files for general issues, but never say them. Even the warships and transports have sound files and they have the same issue as the laborers.

Some walkers say random stuff when they're doing a specific action. For the firefighter, when you right-click on him when he's putting out a fire, he says irrelevant issues instead of talking about the fire.

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