The Troll Thread

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The Troll Thread

Postby Siptah » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:24 am

I'd like to nominate my top 3 of forums trolls in here. Feel free to do the same :D

1.) Anonymous Top Ranker - just a great read ! Seems to be relatively new in teh business but made it to the top instantly through aggressive behaviour and posting everywhere without ever retreating from the thread.

2.) Tink - the troll classic. Got a lot better over time since his posts are still tremendously funny. I can understand why people are annoyed by him and thus he makes it on the list - i personally like to read his stuff for some time since his jokes are great and whenever he throws something 20 clowns run right in. The endless arguing and never retreating makes it hard after some posts per thread though

3.) Amun Nefer - always going to war for *justice* . Started as a good guy and i like him... can't understand why he is doing this though... such a nice guy... of course it got better during his absence where didn't post in *every* thread once a day.... i hope it stays that way for some time... you are not so trollish i think - but a top 3 needs 3 and you were closer to this two than the rest ^^

perhaps you folks can troll around in here instead of other threads ?

Anonymous Top Ranker
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Postby Anonymous Top Ranker » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:42 pm

"Siptah" wrote:1.) Anonymous Top Ranker (...) through aggressive behaviour (...)

May I most kindly disagree? I'm well aware of the fact that honest, straight talk in forums is often perceived as aggressive. But let's face it, only chickens avoid that kinda talk in their rpl (real private life). And there are a lot of pointlessly communicating chickens around. Look at yourself. Loads of posts, minimum substance. Mostly diplomatic and P.C. posts. Terrific. Only catch: mostly pointless! :D And believe me, the ones who don't show their true colors in forums, don't show them in rpl either. Because hanging out in a forum ain't nothing official. It's as private as can be.

And why not cut through all this pointless pseudo-diplomatic bulls/hit and kissing as/ses and get down to some real talk finally. There's enough ducking in our professional and official life, it's funny to see how many people are not able to cut through it where tey actually could and should: in their private life. And forums are nothing but private spare time.

To make it short, my trademark is non-diplomatic cutting-through-bulls/hit talk. I don't care too much about P.C. which is overdone in rpl anyway.

So I wonder why you're addressing this of all things :) You seem to be from Germany... which is slightly, but only slightly rumored to be an as/s kissing kind of society in terms of focused on authorities whatsoever... So I don't know, is it maybe because you're always forced to do everything excessively P.C. there in Germany that you react that abrasively to this alleged aggression thing?

Have a good one & cheers! :)

Amun Nefer
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Postby Amun Nefer » Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:33 am

Wow, you know I was actually going to make a thread like this....

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