Online remote PC repair service

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Online remote PC repair service

Postby Keith » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:00 pm

I just saw a segment on the local NBC affiliate news here in Chicago about a online remote computer repair service. For a fee they will remotely service your computer through a one-time secure connection to their servers. They will fix problems with virus and spyware infections, slow computers, install software and updates, secure your router, backup your computer data, and a number of other services listed on their website.

All this is done by remote control live before you eyes. This is similar to the same sort of service I get from my own account at Dell tech support.

I visited their website and looked around. The firm is located in Cary, Illinois, which not far from Chicago. The personnel are all in the U.S. so speaking with them they should be easy to understand, which can be a problem with some of Dell's technicians based in India.

They offer a flat fee service and 6 month subscription service and partner with such companies as TigerDirect, New Egg, AVG Anti-Virus, Mozy Online backups,, and for web hosting. If they can't fix your problem the call is free. If the problem returns within 48 hours they will fix it again for free.

You'll need a broadband connection for the whole thing to work. They support Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. No more need to bring the whole computer into the repair shop or have someone come to your home.

So if you are a non-tech-type computer user and have a slow computer or a problem or just need some software installed or you just don't want to bother to fix it yourself, you may want to check them out.

Oh, and they also handle Macs as well.

Jacquou Le
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Postby Jacquou Le » Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:44 pm

For me, I usually use TeamViewer to remotely control/fix my friends'/relatives' computers. And I also use it to access my own machine when I'm away from home.

This TeamViewer is much easier than built-in Remote Assistance of Windows. Free for non-commercial use. No need to install. Work fine with slow speed connection. Run perfectly behind the firewalls. But, there's an odd that it can't remotely control the remote machine's firewall. There's some more good features, but I recommend you (who need) go to its official web site to research more.

To avoid problems, the remote machine should use wired connection, in case of rebooting.

EDIT @2010, JAN 31st - 06:50am: One thing I forgot to mention if using TeamViewer that NEVER use Alt key (or any combination that has "Alt") while controling remote machine. The remote machine will be frozen when "Alt" hit. I sometimes call my wife at 2am to hit the reset button :D
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