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Posted: Thu May 02, 2013 10:51 am
by Hippocratia
I'm playing Nile Online as a returner after an 18-month absence: coming up to my first birthday in this life and I still have an exceedingly poor rank in Theoris. Trying the 'no bakeries' game in Sabah before I play it for real in Theoris.

I was playing Miniconomy and GreedGame (both by the same single dev) until I went to have a look at The Settlers Online about 3 months ago and got addicted. I have Settlers 5,6 and 7, so this is probably not surprising, really. Having dealt with the exceedingly long and gentle tutorial levels in The Settlers Online, and the overly complex interface combined with less-than-helpful wording of quests I am looking forward to an intelligent medieval building and trading game that is aimed at more mature players who do have the ability to read, rather than attempting to be Pegi 7 and failing - which is BlueByte's remit for their online game.

I've also got into the Anno Online closed beta, which is rather cute but does seem to assume some prior knowledge of an Anno game - it's very humiliating to have to ask the noob questions because you haven't got this information to hand. Many of the TSO players that have been sucked into it are currently spitting chips.

So Nile Online is an oasis of calm and tranquility (apart from the odd upset) to shelter in from the turbulent seas elsewhere.