City level vs. trading wall...

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City level vs. trading wall...

Postby SAC » Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:54 am

As being new to this game I have noticed some problems during the development of my little "empire", basically when it comes to trading and the sort!

I have my city at level 3, going for level 4 as of today, and plan to build a second city within the next 24 hours. I started my Capitol city on October the 22nd, and this progress would not have been possible weren't it for some "generous gifters" out there. I write "generous gifters" as it's not so much a question of being generous as it is to make room in those "generous gifters" own warehouses... Nevertheless it's a generous gesture, but one quickly learns why this generousity exists...


Anyways, early on I discovered that it's almost next to impossible to find trade routes for smaller amount of goods. Going to the Market is an option, sure, but mostly you'll find a Nubian Trader who knows how to rob you in the middle of the daylight with no conscience at all. And you need to rely on upgrades to extend the view to nearby nomes, an upgrade that doesn't necessarily give you that much more options anways, not to mention the waiting time for a response - if any!

Another option is to "manually" travel up and down the Nile to find possible trading partners dealing with smaller amounts, something that isn't always an option either. It could be due to distance, not knowing how often a potential player is online, if a response at all will come, language issues and so on... The third option, which is the most sufficient one, is the trading wall - if it weren't for the fact that as a low level player it's next to impossible to find a trading partner willing to trade in smaller amounts!

The thing is, the wall is mostly a place for those trading in gigantic volumes, 1K and above, (and yes, for a newcomer anything above 1K and more is gigantic and doesn't reflect in any way a personal need at that level), and that particular commerce is rather hectic and constantly going on, making it difficult for a small trading partner to get through! And should anyone notice your tiny little trading offer/request amongst all those huge orders dealth with, you end up getting a "generous gift" instead! And of course you accept it since it turns out to be the most - or the only - sufficient way to proceed with your own development!

When you're new to this game as I am, you're eager to develop your little empire, and by all means as soon as possible. That's normal and the nature of us human beings - even though it's a game, or perhaps because it's a game. You want things to happen, at least initially, but by the time you learn and accept that it's also the nature of the game! But again, when starting the game you want to see progress! Or at least some progress, keeping the game interesting and wanting you to return to it day after day or whatever options one have as far as spending time behind the computer concerns.

Well, what I wanted to suggest is a progressive trading wall, meaning that different levels of accessing the trading wall should reflect your cities current levels, making it more meaningful to participate! With this I mean that when at least one of your cities reaches a specific level, thus expecting your trading needs as far as the amount concerns to rise, the next level of the trading wall opens up and you're ready to go...

In other words, why not at least have two levels of the Trading Wall, one that you have access to at the beginning as being new and only looking for smaller amounts to trade, and a second and final Trading Wall once any of your cities have reached a specific level! This would limit and make sufficient room for the traders dealing in smaller amounts on the first level, making it easier for us to proceed without the need of "generous gifts" and the sort! And possibly would it be easier for newcomers to actually use the Trading Wall! As it is now, like I wrote, any newcomers offer will drown and not be noted amongst all those gigantic amount traders, leaving room only for gifts to be accepted!

Anyways, just a suggestion... but I think a progressive Trading Wall or something similar would encourage a player to play the game - and also in the way it was intended! Nothing wrong in gifts though!

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Use it all

Postby Solmar » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:23 pm

To start with, this is my second time around. One of the things I figured out the first time was to put my city's raw material and the luxury good it makes in the market (at least small amounts). Then watch my market log and see who buys my stuff. Since they have already shown they need my stuff they are much more likely to respond to a scroll trading request. I try to find people with the raw material that I need and who are at or below the level I am. That way I am likely to have what they need since they will need smaller amounts.

I then am totally flexable on my trading with them. Basicly, "Send me your raw material (and the luxury goods it makes) whenever you can and let me know what you want in return." I trade at a constant 3:1 raw:finished and take either side of the trade. Trading this way requires that I keep a fairly large stock of goods in my warehouse but it results in good long term trade partners.

If you would like to trade with me I have emeralds and leather this time and go by SolmarII. I am at level 10 (1/27/2009) so I am still trading in the hundreds and all level trade partners are welcome.
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Postby Tinkerbell » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:34 pm

Small traders do get their trades on the wall. What the larger traders have learned, is that wall trading takes patience.

TM designed the market for part-time players & those w/o the time to sit on the wall.

Don't give up & keep spamming the wall. One post & that's it is not gonna do it. Repeat your wall post every 10-15 minutes. Try different times of the day & night.

It also helps if you tell the wall exactly what you have & exactly what you want.

"I need perfume & have sandals" is not good enough, cuz it requires another post to ask how much.

Example: "I have 12,900 gold, any lux but cosmetics, bricks 1for1, baskets/pottery 1for1.2, limestone & looking for CEDAR! Any amount, any distance!"

Don't be afraid to offer 100 items to a player asking for a zillion goods. More often than not, the trader will do it. Sometimes, I think the small traders are too timid to do this. Jump right in, the water's fine! The Nile belongs to you too!

Scroll players. The worst you get is rejected or ignored. That won't stop you from still doing it, right? The Nile belongs to the BOLD!

Good Luck! :)
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just speak up

Postby Solmar » Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:47 am

Right on Tink. When I started (both times) I found that people who wanted to trade a bunch stuff was more than willing to trade the amount I needed. I tried to remembered that when I was trying to get rid of 10,000 emeralds and someone wanted 100. I made it a point to accomodate the small trades while I was on the wall (admittedly not that often). I used (and still do) the wall when I am trying to get something quick.

Otherwise, steady trade partners works really well. If you find some trade partners who are at about the same level as you, then you all grow together. You all go through the same trials (i.e. 4th city build up) and it developes a sense of community. One of you figures out to move bread, bricks and limestone around your cities through the monuments (it doesn't take ships) and suddenly you all know. I used all my ships for days moving bread to my capital for a new city before I figured that one out.

I also have gotten to meet people from around the world. (Sorry Tink, no matter how great we think San Diego is, there is the rest of the world.) I got to meet trade partners from Mexico (TJ), Japan, Denmark, India and a number of states here in the USA. I have enjoyed getting different views from people about the way things work.

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