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Livening things up a little.

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:07 am
by setokaiba
Please note I originally posted this in Sabah thread as I was wondering why it was so dead. I am not putting it here as well.

[.....I've been away for a long while. It happens. I have noticed some changes TM has made to the game that wasn't there before, but personally maybe a few more changes would be nice. As an avid player of the original game I think that maybe they should add raider camps (that arn't monument sites) to the map, for those who like to pick fights. They can have some nice rewards. These can be forever respawning (they can have easy ones and then really tough ones).

I also think that we should promote new players to join. Maybe since it's an old server we can lable it for those who wish to achieve imortality and hopefully after a few years there will be lots of high lvl cities, and have another server act like travian wherein they set an objective and have it run for a few months with long time players playing and trying to achieve the objective first, at the end of the cycle, whomever is the closet to achiving the objective alternatively, whomever achives it first is ranked 1 and so on then the server resets allowing the players to start again thus fighting for number 1 spot. This reset can simply be reducing everyone's city to lvl 1 with 0 stock, they could even ask us on our first log in from the reset date which resource we would like, for those who like a very specific starting resource and choose in a setting to always reset to that particular resource alternatively have a setting to random so they are surprised, which ever they pick will invitably change thier city location, alterntively, keep it where it is (this will prevent loyals from having to register for the reset which was annoying in the other game).

Granted they keep the need to spend lots of money down so all may enjoy. Maybe do like another online game i played where there is a server for P2P, where it's all out war and the limited, but not overly deprived free nome for those who are not so overly avid, I think this will alow some to enjoy a slow but tough challange of achieving imortalitity and a fast paced to see who's better at farming, creating, building and comerce or who's better at battle stratergy...or even all of them.

I also think that as the regulars play they can add ideas for the next cycle thus helping to set new and varying objectives for each cycle. This allows for change and keeps players active, it will also bring some revenue in for TM so they can keep working to creating great games. ^_^ It'll also maybe held the limited sever problem and keeping those who worked hard to achieve imortality possible, as well allowing new friends to achieve it.

What say you all?

(If there is a TM administrator who monitors these posts an opinion from them would also be nice. ^_^)....]

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:17 am
by setokaiba
Me again.

I've been looking at some of the complaints and suggestions.

I'd like to ask the benefits of the new items found in quests... Do they add any boosts.

I think that maybe they should. Like a small % for building time increase, or cheaper trading with market, even increased trading with market i.e: buy more than 25 from the trader (this would also effected my below suggestion on the market it is a boost after all) even ship speed. Add an extra envoy for a special quest, ^_^ with a special item... that has a special boost...^_^ YAY... An item that you can only get after about a zillion quests... some of us like to feel special you know... almost like an imortality item found only after spending lots of items and many hours do we eventually find it, maybe even an item we can only find after imortality is achieved. A token of our devotion.... XD That'll motivate players to stay after achieving imortality. ooooh... add that extra envoy when achiving imortality so you can only do the question like a zillion times after imortality. ^_^ theres and idea...

I think that also maybe as the market grows then too should the amount we buy from the traider. 25 is really wimpy and ill concieved. ^_^ Especially since we need like 5000 and up. You can't achieve imortality with 4 resouce cities and 25 pieces a pop... O.o especially in a slow town.

I also believe in bringing in more people to play, I think that the home page should advertise Sabah as imortality capital and try to get people in by challanging them to achieve it. Older players will still be around here and there to help.

Badges... ^_^ People love badges, and since this is an online game, you add them. ^_^ In the original game a person can build monuments like stele's and oblisks to comemorate thier achievents on the world lvl, why not use that idea to award badges or something of the sort. ^_^ Since this is not a war game where your goal is to obliterate, why not set personl achievments, These can not only reflect in thier online city activiets but thier TM profiles as well. ^_^ People love to brag. All those players on the imortality list and on the ranking list should be given some token to add to thier name. So if anyone likes the idea of having 2 types of games, A) Imortality City in Sabah and the other B) reseting server to achive an objective one, our profiles (for which we don't need to re-register as per my above idea) will reflect our achievments. ^_^ Thus allowing us to brag or feel motivated to beat the other guy who's bragging... XD... We can keep our Imortality City and our objective city (they can be linked to our TM profiels for Nile). Now I think there are different profiles on each server or somthing...

If we can agree on any new ideas we can vote on them. Those votes from the players that agree on the suggested new changes can then be put forth to TM and motivate them to impliment the changes and we can of course test them and see how it goes. If it is a success we can draw in new players. Like a stale resturant getting a new manager.. "under new management" makes people try an old place in the hopes of something new. ^_^

These are just my thoughts from an IT point of view I'm sure its doable, from a player point of view it would be nice to know if others like it...


Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:52 pm
by Tinkerbell
Howdy, setokaiba!

Some really great ideas there, thankx! I especially love the idea of different game tweeks on different servers with different goals!

Quest items count in rank. The Quest icon calls the "prestige" when we click on it.

TM has further programming of Nile on hold. They never got around to the endgame & I expect them to return to Nile in the far future when the company gets back on its feet. We lost our lead programmer, Reed.

I expect that quest items will be the vector to game expansion. Like quest items required for Palace 23.

I would also like at least furniture shops added to the game, cuz PvP is not a big deal & cedar cities need a bit of help.

I would also like more lux goods, to increase trading. Right now with 4 cities, we can make 4/5 lux & be almost self-sufficient. I would like 10 total lux for 4 cities.

And as a bread sink, Market Nubians import-only lux. Lux that no one one can produce & have to be bought.

We also need a use for bricks, baskets, pottery & limestone. The upgrades are much too cheap at higher levels. Late gamers have them coming outta our ears!

Everyone wants to be able to upgrade temples.

We also need different quarry plots, not just limestone. Different monument types to be build on them too!

Sabah is a dead server & this is due to THREE reasons

1) The stupid BETA label on the logon page needs to be removed. This is an easy fix.

2) Weekly server sweeps, working in Theoris, is either broken in Sabah or purposely turned off by TM. This forces New Accounts to be placed waaay out in the wilderness & not closer to the Center of the Nile where active players are. Experienced players know to build 2nd cities in the Center asap, but New Players give up & quit.

3) There is an IE bug on both servers. Accounts do not delete in IE, even though the game tells you it has been deleted. Weekly server sweeps in theoris takes care of this bug, but in Sabah with no weekly server sweeps, these dead single city P1 empires remain. I would guess that there are only 500 of us active accounts in Sabah at most. The number of accounts listed on the top 100 ranks screen is a LIE. The Sabah stats on the login page is also a LIE. Those numbers have been stuck on the same bogus stats since before September 2009 (Theoris numbers are correct).

NOTE: Going immortal in IE works perfectly on both servers. It is just the delete account in IE that is bugged.

So, please please please, if you quit & delete your account, please use another browser to delete, not IE.

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:15 am
by setokaiba
O.o dumb question... What's IE?

I figured that the decline in the game is probably due to lack of interest from the providers but I didn't realise that TM has slacked off so much. Wow... that sure explains a lot.

But I also realised that probably most players stopped playing for the same reason I did, Boardom, I see now they have added a few things which helps and makes it interesting again but, still lacking in some ways. Since it's not a game like travian or evony there is no initial combat stage other than monument sites, but I know from online experience that most players are competative to by nature, they want to "cursh the opponent" which usually ends up being other players and they want status and proof of thier acomplishements however meger they may be. Hence my ideas on an objective based server to test either military stratergy or commerce, and with a server that resets iteslf changing goals and making players start from scratch thus allowing something new every couple of months, keeping things interesting and challanging the players. These objectives can be based on similar principals as the orignal game i.e.: conquer the raider camp or supply goods to a world lvl site in order to build something insanely big, each player will say get only one city, thorough which they have to build and grow via trade, and in the nome there are not monuments or other sites other than a raider's camp or build cite dedicated to each city. With only trade and one city you must build up your army or resources and defeat the raiders camp or build the building site assigned to your city the first to complete wins and can be awarded a trophy for being no.1 and so on, the list can be based on military strength or resources gathers rather than city growth and a list will show who's better at this. The server obviously has to ensur that all palyers are clumped to together so that trade for goods is easy. But the idea is there.

I also think that killing off your pharoh with the building of his tomb was a bad idea. To be imortalised is brilliant and writing the players name in stone as well, but this need to be relfected in a profile as status and achievment and the player should be able to continue playing ^_^. I also think that adding a new objective to the nome is a good idea, like the traders oblisks that give you bonuses and everyone contributes to it, we should have randome events like fending off invaders or building a monument in honer of. This will allow players something to achieve and work towards in the game.

I think if we can show enough support maybe they'll put some effort into revamping the game again otherwise it'll die completely.

Personally I love the cycle server idea and like some online games the players can pay a small fee every month to have access to the P2P server, bring TM some revenue, and if the game is exciting enough poeple will play and keep on playing. Not get killed off by an ill concieved idea of dying when you build your tomb. I'm a goals kind of person and I need to achieve something, otherwise I get board, but this achievment needs to be short and long term based. The game unfortunaltey only had long term based achievments, other than the monument site which I conquered and built too easily.

High lvl players need more challanges, alternatively play on a server that keeps re-setting itself making you start from scratch ^_^ Some people might not like that but differnt goals means different building stratergies. I guess i'm hung up on the iddea ^_^

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:33 pm
by Ivy
IE is Internet Explorer. :)

I think most people keep playing long after they have all the goods needed for Immortality. They may have personal goals they set for themselves, such as a certain level of rank or fully upgraded cities, or they may just want to keep playing for longer. Once those goals are achieved or they decide it's time to go, Immortality is a way to leave the game and have their name inscribed in the Hall of Immortality.

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:35 pm
by Tinkerbell
setokaiba, I agree. We definitly need serveral different servers with different gameplay.

TM initially planned for Nile to be a King of the Hill type PvP game, but surrendered quickly & put the two plot cap on. You have to remember that TM wanted to make a game for their City Building fans & they are (believe it or not) mostly Pretty Peaceful Builders. There was much crying on this forum over PvP.

I have suggested a Kill em at Age 50 challenge server, but don't have much support. This would be a how high in rank can you get in 50 years.

I really don't like the idea of a reset on current servers cuz many of us have bought our scarabs & want to get our money's worth. Sooo, the challenge server with resest would have to be server #3. Or, an announcement that a server would be reset waaaay in advance, like 6 months minimum.

So, I see a Peaceful server (same as current), a Military PvP server (no two plot cap, but still can only have two monuments max) & a Challenge server where players are automatically reset (go auto-immortal if requirements met, or just account deleted) at age 50, not the server itself resetted.

One other problem the servers have is the permanent vacations & purchased inactive immunity accounts also permanently inactive. I believe that should have a limit of 3 months & then account swept away. They are dead weight & clogging up the Nile Center for New Account placement (besides using up a rank position).

Please keep the ideas coming, Folks! Thank You! :)

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:52 pm
by Mr Ears
Very good suggestions!

But: Hello. HELLO?? Is anybody listening? Anybody there, TM?

Unfortunately the game has been abandoned a long time ago by its company. The servers are completely left to the players, so what's left now is anarchy in Sabah and Theoris

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:28 pm
by Gregor
This game is well suited for those that would enjoy playing Candyland.

No direct warfare between cities :0

No wonder it is dead and totally unknown to the internet gamers community.

This is a game for wusses and whiny children... not adults.

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:03 pm
by Q-Man
"Gregor" wrote:This game is well suited for those that would enjoy playing Candyland.

No direct warfare between cities :0

No wonder it is dead and totally unknown to the internet gamers community.

This is a game for wusses and whiny children... not adults.

Spoken like a whiny child who expected a different style gaming experience. ;)

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:03 pm
by Gregor
Yeah, those other "games" are raking in cash like gang-busters and have 10,000's of players.

What does this pile of feces have?

I suspect this is why the parent company has stopped supporting it.

It is crap and they know it.

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:17 pm
by Keith
The game is based on the city-builder concept just like their retail games. There is very little fighting in the retail games and they sell just fine. Not everyone wants to have warfare as part of their gaming experience.

If you want combat, find a game that has it and go play it.

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:30 pm
by Tinkerbell
Good posts, Gregor. Thank You.

It is hard truth & a bit over the top too harsh, but needs to be said.

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:33 pm
by Gregor
Yeah, I have a bad habit of being to blunt and direct.

Nile Online would be a great game, if the dev's brought it
into the 21st Century.

Now, it is like playing a game from the 90's.

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:31 am
by PantherX
Read a few more of the suggestions and you will see quite a few ideas for more military types of action.

I myself do not want warfare, guess I'm a wuss :rolleyes:

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:59 am
by Tinkerbell
It is not so much about you being a "wus", PantherX.

Nile Online was TM's last shot at getting some income so the company could get back on its feet to make new games.

When push comes to shove, there are just not enough peaceful players out there to support the game & the ones we do have, don't wanna buy scarabs.

If TM was in better financial condition, they could support a game for a small niche minority of players who insist on playing a peaceful game for free. They are not.

TM needs a money-maker.

I believe a military server would support a peaceful server & we could have the best of both worlds.

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:00 am
by Gregor
I do not understand why almost everyone is a wuss :D

It is only a game.

Is everyone terrified that something might happen to their 0's & 1's?

Did it every occur to the peace-loving Nilers that it may be a major factor in why this game is a failure?

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:50 am
by PantherX
IMO the game is not a failure. Only TM knows how much or how little income NO has brought into the company so I suppose only they can make that call.

I have been playing since it was released (due to a WOW addiction during beta) that's almost 2 years it's been active, to me that's a success. I have probably spent close to $70 on scarabs which is more than I have paid for any other game (excluding monthly MMO fees), and much more than I would expect to pay for any other browser game.

It would be interesting to see the dynamics in a full out PvP server with no limits on monument plots except a very high expense to maintain them. And I am talking about some new bread cost, perhaps a large military force requirements to keep bandits at bay. i.e. the more monument plots you have the more PvE bandits attack your cities and steal your goods.

And just to add a 3rd vote to Tinkerbell's ideas above I also agree that multiple servers with differing play styles would be cool and breath some extra life into the franchise.

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:40 am
by setokaiba
"Gregor" wrote:Yeah, those other "games" are raking in cash like gang-busters and have 10,000's of players.

What does this pile of feces have?

I suspect this is why the parent company has stopped supporting it.

It is crap and they know it.



Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:04 am
by setokaiba
Some very good ideas, but i guess my text is too long becuase no one seems to be reading all of it. I'll sumaries my ideas in less text.

1) Main server where slow playing is involved to reach imortality. ^_^ For us wusses who arn't interested in warefare. (I don't like the fighting to much becuase some ppl are bullies and they have to make themselves feel good by picking on the new guy in the server trying to build....:mad :) and then other guys who spend heaps of money that some players just aren't preared to pay and have way to much bonuses added to them for the non-paying ppl to enjoy. Why I don't play long in those games. Now if i had the money to spend like they did, I'd kick thier butts. :p )

2) Random server that resets (but only the player city and goals reset not a total overhal of the whole server). Like when a winner is declared or time runs out everyone stats back at 0. Like I said before, each player has a profile like the forum profiles where our city details are linked regardless of which server they are in. ^_^ This way we don't have to re-register like other games to play a new server that has reset so what i mean by reset is city set to 0 not a clean wipe of the server. And all you do is simply log in to the reset server which will then ask certain questions (go back and read you lazy ppl)... ^_^ That way Tinkerbel you get to keep your scarabs because they will be linked to your profile not your city. ^_^ Travian does that, when you buy you gold is stored and when you re-register, which is a pain you simply move it, but too much effort, just have a profile to which it is in and when you need it in a city regrdless of which server it is in it deducts its from the player profile)

3) I also stated ppl are competative. Not just warefare but in general. Fighting for No.1 is what get the blood pumping, hence the "reset" (which i repeat is not a total reset of player details just putting the cities back to 0). New challanges new goals.

4) I also mentioned that they should have a P2P server for those who want to challange other players and have all out war with one another (which brings us to the idea of a war server, I guess i didn't conceptualise it very well did I ^_^). This will bring in revenue and an option to have a few money bought bonuses to fight for dominance. Money is key and to successful gaming after all and a server where you can challange your battle stratergy and trading skills may very well be interesting. ^_^ And since its a P2P server everyone has the same monthly scarabs to spend in the months on different bonuses. An option of where we wish to put it for what benefits can determin where we want to build up defences or troop strength. And being a P2P players will know its a battle ground and not just liesure building.

Hummm, i guess we're all on the same page just differnet ways of experssing it... :rolleyes:

:D so much for less text.... huh :D I feel like a stuck record.

The question is How do we get the message to TM and do they have someone to communicate with that'll tell us what thier ultimate goals are. No point trying to make a change if they are stuck in the mud with no rope to pull them out. :(

:( Mulipul servers was my idea... not tinks.... *pout* give credit where its due.... a girls gotta have some appreciation....

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:41 pm
by Gregor


Shame you cannot keep your kool and have to resort to childish shouting.

Not the way to create solutions.

Plus,your opinions are yours... mine are mine.

If you do not like it, fill a bucket with ice and sit on it.