Ideas - new player

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Ideas - new player

Postby Smokey » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:56 pm

First of all, i'm a new player, started 2 days ago, so if this has been discussed before, sorry.

Basically one of the first things i checked after starting to play was if there was any form of grouping aka guilds. If this is a trading game, there should be room for banks, specialised dealers, price speculators, movers/haulers, agents and so on.

I'm not talking about buildings or NPCs or anything...just the option to group together in groups, clans, guilds, parties, alliances, gangs, whatever you wanna call them. Just provide the option and wait for someone to act on a new idea. It's all easier when you play with 4 other people that share a goal/idea. This is probably the most important thing i'd like to see, and the most useful overall thing for the game.

I decided to play after reading about it in PCGamer magazine. Others might do the same, and it would be good to have a chat channel with a few volunteers that will keep the activity up and answer noob questions. Like the general chat, but where someone will never hesitate one second to say "hi, new player, have a question: how do i get cedar". The wiki/primer help, but it's not nearly as "in your face" as today's gaming community require.

Clear up old accounts. I just made my first deal today and it takes 18 hours...i started playing 36 hours ago...that's not very noob-friendly. and there are loads of inactive lvl1s all over the place... dead accounts = dead game. if there were more spaces, maybe the first city won't be in 90N or something like that. so just make it so that if u have a lvl3-5 or lower palace, your account will be deleted after 2-4 weeks of inactivity.

Well this is off the top of my head. Again, sorry if this has been discussed before, haven't had the chance to read everything here yet.

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Postby Tinkerbell » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:16 pm

Howdy, Smokey!

Our General Wall chat is exactly as you want. Just jump in & ask away. It only looks like it is dead or others chatting about non-game stuff. You will get a quick reply, trust me. Be BOLD!

...if you ask about cedar ... then DUCK! ... the gifts will be INCOMING ... lol ...

Have FUN & Good Luck! :)
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