One Idiot’s Diatribe on Value of Materials

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One Idiot’s Diatribe on Value of Materials

Postby Solmar » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:13 pm

Since beginning this game I have seen much discussion about the value (cost) of stuff in the game. In one sense it costs 1 bread to mine 1 emerald. However, if you look closely at the cost of producing one bread, you will discover that it only costs about 1/3 of an hour of labor (taking into account both wheat and bakery). You could put people to work producing bread and get about 3 bread for every hour of work. You could then purchase 3 emeralds for each worker hour. Obviously, everybody would produce bread and nobody would produce emeralds. Fortunately, the laws of supply and demand work in this game. Prices level out and everyone makes a lot of bread.

A side note, you make your wealth in this game on the labor of your workers, not on the inequities in your trades. Your trades are really just to keep your workers busy. You can actually afford to lose a little on a trade just to supply your workers with the raw materials they need to keep busy.

I wondered about the actual value or cost of each thing in the game. I read a lot of opinions and the old adage held true. I therefore prepared an Excel 2007 spreadsheet to figure out my actual costs. The values for the 3rd and 4th cities are left over from the tail end of SolmarII’s life. I haven’t founded my 3rd city in this life. The 5th sheet is an average cost sheet and could have been computed a couple of different ways. However, since the cost of things from city to city doesn’t vary that much in the game, how I computed the averages didn’t matter much.

The workbook uses no scripts, only normal cell references. This means you can open it under maximum protection within Excel. The workbook is “protection on” and only the cells that you need to change are clickable. This is the way you should normally run the sheets. You can change the city name, the number of workers in each facility, the temple bonus, the monument bonus, the wheat bonus and the specialty bonus with the protection turned on. You should only have to turn the sheet protection off if you want to look at the formulas in each cell to see how I calculated the stuff.

I have attached the Excel workbook file in order to make it available to others along the Nile. You should, of course, change the worker number etc to fit your cities. This is my first try at posting attachments so it may (or may not) work. Let me know if it of any use to you.
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Postby Tinkerbell » Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:49 pm

Howdy, Solmar!

This is the Nile Spreadsheet. I have you on the Labor Costs Tab. Use Bread Value column to figure out what everthing is worth.

Everyone should bookmark this link. Tons of great info there.

Good Luck! :)

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My mess

Postby Solmar » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:08 pm

Hi Tink,
I heard about the one you mentioned. Back when I wanted it, the link was busted so I ended up doing this one myself. Any screwups in it are all mine.

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