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Thoughts and suggestions

Postby Bostonmacguy » Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:24 am

"Chris Beatrice" wrote:To help us out with suggestions and ideas that will make this game great. Our fans have always played an integral and invaluable role in our games, so please contribute your thoughts!


Chris - Thanks for soliciting user feedback. IMO, this genre reached its apex in terms of gameplay, usability, and design with Pharaoah (though Caesar III remains my personal favorite because ancient Rome is more fun than ancient Egypt). A few thoughts:

(1) Thrilled to know you'll be returning walker behavior to the older (non-radial) model - this was a great choice. One of Caesar (C) III's weakest points was the lack of control over walkers that Pharaoh (P) provided with roadblocks. If you model Pharaoh's walker engines for Medieval Mayor (MM), you won't go far wrong.

(2) Warehouse/granary control was ideal in Pharaoh - the player could tweak supply behavior to a fine level of precision but could quickly make large-scale decisions too (e.g., "empty all" versus "empty [x]" and "[allow] up to [y level]" versus "get up to [y level]"). Much more precise in P than in C3. The modular market style of Emperor and Zeus was novel but not, in my view, a particular improvement.

(3) The idea - pioneered in Pharaoh, improved in Cleopatra, and extended in Emperor - of building large-scale "monuments" (e.g., pyramids, temple complexes, the Great Wall etc.) was terrific because the player then had micro and macro challenges - city building was still essential (especially in peaceful campaigns), but there was something else to manage too. Watching the monuments develop was fun, though I very much appreciated Cleopatra's introduction of speed-up bonuses (blessings from the gods, etc. that would facilitate pyramid building). I'm not sure what the MM equivalent should be other than cathedrals - perhaps guild halls, increasingly complex castles, a cloister, chateaus (location appropriate?) - but I certainly hope that there IS an equivalent in MM.

(4) I thought the road system used in the Caesar 1-3, Pharaoh, Zeus, and Emperor games (i.e., on a square grid, capable only of right-angle connections) was adequate. Another user requested hexagonal connectivity; I could see that, I suppose, but I don't think the old system was broken, frankly.

(5) The notion of a large map (continent scale) to denote a user's progress from mission to mission was great fun, though I did like the concept in Emperor of returning to previous cities in later missions. I understand TM has committed to returning to cities to further develop them in MM - that's okay, but please make sure there are LOTS of cities/missions - for my taste 12 is a minimum, and 20-25 (including the 3-5 training missions near the beginning) would be ideal.

I think it would be a poor design decision to include just, say, 3-5 cities that the player simply keeps building and building and building over time. Allowing the player to build so few cities would force him/her to live with any mistakes made early on for a very long time. There's some virtue in that game design philosophy, I suppose - "be careful what you build early on because you'll have to live with it for a long time" - but it could also make the game's early levels feel more like a homework assignment. I like the freedom of knowing that as long as I get through a mission - however well or poorly - I can move on and try something quite different without having to replay and fix a level I botched.

(6) Making housing develop was one of the most exciting parts of learning to play the Impressions games of the city building series. It was a thrill to see the first time a palace appeared in C3 or P, for example. I hope that MM will maintain that policy of restricting necessary luxury goods (wine, say, or silk or spices or pheasant or something) until middle and later levels. It gives the user a sense of accomplishment to see wholly new tiers of housing suddenly appear.

(7) A sandbox mode, a level editor, and the ability (perhaps restricted until after the completion of all campaigns?) to play any level at will are highly desirable, though I would be willing to wait for the level editor until a later release. (Other games have taken that course. We all understand that development resources and time are limited.) Again, look to Caesar 3 for the model here.

(8) As an Apple user since 1987 and a Mac guy since 1991, a Mac OS X version - not just tablet/iOS version - is of great importance to me. Macs have a larger installed base now than ever before, and many, many game studios are profitably releasing Mac OS X games. (See the App Store.) I think a Mac version is essential, and I go so far as to hope for simultaneous releases on WinX and Mac OS. Pretty please?

(9) The peace mission/military mission dichotomy was a good one. I always got more thrill from city building in these games than I did from their military aspects, but I enjoyed having the threat to my cities too. Middle age weaponry and siege tactics should offer you a fertile ground to continue this tradition.

(10) Would it be too much to ask for a better title than "Medieval Mayor"? It sounds like "Sim City in the Middle Ages," which is NOT what I would hope for from a city-building game. A return to the one-word titles of the Impressions era gets my vote. How about "Baron" "Nobility" or just "King"? You guys may have better ideas - please consider something other than "MM" for the final title. It's corny.

Again, thanks for soliciting feedback. I hope the game carries on the great tradition that Impressions created, and if it does, I hope it makes buckets of money for TM. :)


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Postby velociraptor2000 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:45 am

- There is a rule: Don't change something that is working.
- 2D izometric, Caesar3 / Pharaoh / Zeus / Emperor like style. Same gameplay too. That was the golden era. Any other game that came after that weren't as great. If it must come in 3D.. make sure the scale will be at least the same, then graphic quality should be also good at best. Grid based construction. Altrough some would love to build in 3D style it is just too much.
- Warehouse / Granary resource showcase + carriers (same as Caesar3 / Pharaoh / Zeus / Emperor)
- Caesar 3 / Pharaoh housing construction / evolution
- No building limit!

- Slow evolution tutorial and campaign (Pharaoh like campaign)
- Carry-on campaign maps +/- (Cleopatra / Zeus / Emperor)
- Extra large maps for endgame campaign or separate scenarios.

- Earthquakes
- Volcanos
- Floods
- Famine
- Plague
- Locusts
- Large scale fire / Forest fire / Crop fire
- Storms
- ...

- Even more resources / products than its predecessors, more types of food, goods, construction materials, soo much needed for those amazing monuments, like several types of planks, stones, marble, ...
- Complex product trees
- Metagame that involve collecting different types of artefacts, herbs, eggs, feathers and such, like those animals in Emperor's Menagerie
- Exotic Goods. Goods we can only trade in order to aquire them
- Ingame economy calculator

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Postby JuliaSet » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:46 am

Please, a way to zoom out and see the whole map, or a LOT of it. I loved cotn, but I felt lost on a large map since I could not sort out where in the heck I was.

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Postby Michael447 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:05 am

Hello Thanks you for asking.

First. Sorry for my english, i m french
Secundo: I Cant wait its release. i wish to get more weekly infos on how it s going on. more often updates.

being more fan of Caesar 4 than 3 or other games (since they are very old.. ^^)

my suggestions:

1. if there is some kind of combat, please dont make it as painful as it was in C4 ^^
2. more control of warehouses/granaries (option to empty them and relocate the goods)
3. same with houses, if possible

4. for custom scenario/campaign for expanding awesomely its lifespan, i wish an empty (of civilisation) world map where we would be able to click (anywhere in the map) and give the name of the city we want to build. Then, a random generator would take care to generate the map depending of ground settled in that world map. example: i click a point next to one of the river in the world map, i give a name of my city. and the random generator would take care to settle and generate my map (in this case, it s a map next to a river, it set up randomly all my ressources, forests, plains, etc. my goals, etc.) and i build a city there. more cities we build, more we can trade with those previously made (the generator take care of trades with town made previously depending of their ressources, no need to have a real impact in their economy). maybe the world map can be pre-divided in squares, i dunno. and fill up our own world with our own cities. i hope you catch what i mean ^^

5. i hope it s in 3D, i hope we can rotate and zoom. and i hope i can move my camera/viewpoint with the mouse (click and drag)

i ll comeback if i have more ideas.
Thx for reading.
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Postby Keith » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:39 am

I would love to have the battle control system used in Caesar II back again. It was dropped in Caesar III because it required the loading of a separate screen for the battle map and that caused problems with a large number of computers back then. I don't think there would be a problem with today's computers.

Je serais ravi d'avoir le système de contrôle de combat utilisé dans Caesar II de retour. Il a été abandonné en Caesar III puisqu'il exigeait le chargement d'un écran séparé pour le plan de bataille et causé des problèmes avec un grand nombre d'ordinateurs à l'époque. Je ne pense pas qu'il y aurait un problème avec les ordinateurs d'aujourd'hui.

On that battle map you had manual control of your various types of cohorts. You could make them change formation, position them before battle, and then direct them on where to move during the battle.

Sur cette carte de la bataille, vous aviez une commande manuelle de vos différents types de cohortes. Vous pourriez leur faire changer de formation, positionnez-les avant la bataille et puis dirigez-les sur où aller pendant la bataille.

As for being able to empty a warehouse of one type of goods or all goods, you simply have to have one warehouse that accepts that type of goods, and then change the slider settings on the orders menu to "zero" on the warehouse you want to empty.

Que pour être capable de vider un entrepôt d'un type de marchandises ou de toutes les marchandises, vous devez simplement avoir un entrepôt qui accepte ce type de marchandises et puis modifiez les paramètres de curseur dans le menu de commandes à "zéro" sur l'entrepôt que vous voulez vide.

You can also mothball a warehouse and the other warehouses should come and empty it, if I recall correctly.

Vous pouvez également mothball un entrepôt et les autres entrepôts devraient venir vider, si je me souviens bien.

We have already been informed the game will not be in 3D.

Nous avons déjà appris que le jeu ne sera pas en 3D.

Did you visit the Medieval Mayor home page? There are links to three articles about the game design that you may want to read. These articles written in English.

Avez-vous visité la page d'accueil de maire médiévale ? Il y a des liens vers trois articles sur la conception du jeu que vous pouvez lire. Ces articles écrits en anglais.

I hope the French translations make sense, I used Microsoft's Bing Translator.

J'espère que les traductions françaises de sens, j'avais l'habitude Bing Translator de Microsoft.

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Postby Michael447 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:52 pm

Hi Keith. thx for your reply.
and thx alot for the time you spent to use a translator for me, no worry i understand english very well, better than i can write it ^^ (it done a good job till you translated the last sentence which doesnt make sense ^^which is also silly cause you were saying that you hope they make sense ^^)

i dont remember alot about Caesar III, i played that so long time ago but yeah i remember that were a button to empty a warehouse or granary, but that button was not back in IV.

about 3D, and not 3D... I took for granted it was in 3D cause at some point someone said ... '' The game will be 3D. Why would it be anything else? ''

Will we be able to turn the camera or not ? and zoom in and out ?
you know , nobody have a 486 or a Pentium200 anymore. Why not use the power of our machines ?

and whats about a map generator ?
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Postby Herodotus » Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:23 pm

"Michael447" wrote:about 3D, and not 3D... I took for granted it was in 3D cause at some point someone said ... '' The game will be 3D. Why would it be anything else? ''

I think it was me that said it. I was wrong, as we found out soon afterwards :D

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Postby Keith » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:45 pm

Michael, if you visit the Medieval Mayor website, you will see some images of buildings that may appear in the game. They will give you an idea of what they look like.

No details have been released beyond what was mentioned in the three articles that were published online.

I would assume that with machines being more powerful now there will be some extra features that they couldn't do years ago. What that might be we don't know. We don't even know if they plan on such a thing.

I would also assume that we will be able to zoom in and out to a degree, but there is no info on how close or how far away we will be able to get.

Rotating the camera position is also another unknown at this time.

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Postby Michael447 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:50 pm

i did :) i saw the 2 buildings, but it doesnt tell me if this is 2d or 3d. note that it s probably just a personal problem to define what is 3d and what is 2d iso ^^
till we can roam and turn around on the map it doesnt matter :)
(and till we have very good graphic.)

Thx for all your answers.

<= in wait to have more news posted :)

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Postby Rnett » Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:03 pm

Pretty please to a separate battle map. Other series like Total War have been doing it for years. Image

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Postby Anguille » Wed May 01, 2013 12:49 pm

"Rnett" wrote:Pretty please to a separate battle map. Other series like Total War have been doing it for years. Image

Agreed...this is one of my favorite features in Caesar II.

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Postby Thomazml » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:12 pm

Agree... I've played C2 a lot just because the battles were so awesome! One thing I'll love to have in MM is the economic system of CotN! It'll be great if the peasants/crafters improve theires houses or buy stuff with money... and, of couser, we could taxe them! *-*
Sorry for the bad english, it's my 3rd language...

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Postby Flammehav » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:16 am

Just PLEASE don't limit the game to much with the intention of going on tablets. Feel free to make a separate version of it, but let PC be the main console. I still remember the hugely annoying UI for Skyrim. You probably can't make it much better on a console, but for a PC it gotta be one of the worst UI's presented the last decade.

So both for UI and gameplay, possibilities, don't limit yourself because it might go on a tablet, just take out some features if you decide to put it on the tablet at a later time.

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Postby MetalMilitia » Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:29 pm

Don't forget about the music. IMO, C3 & Pharaoh set the bar very high. To this day, when I hear those pieces of C3, it brings tears of joy to my eyes. What wonderful work it was!
Can't wait to pre-order the game. Patience is running low :p
Good luck for the developers (and for us gamers)

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Medieval Mayor : Total War

Postby GreyHeli » Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:04 am

The most uber game of all time would be Medieval Mayor as a Total War mod.

When you double click your Capital City in Total War, it launches Medieval Mayor which you play for 1 season's time.

Reasons this could actually work:
- If your Capital is every besieged in Total War, its game over anyway.
- Total War has always had kind of lame city management... the weakest link in the best game of all time.
- In Total War, you spend roughly 1/3 of your budget on city improvements.
- Medieval Mayor would primarily need to be the 'cash cow' for funding your empire, as opposed to a 'cash sink' for growing itself.
Hmm... I can see game balance being problematic. Sure would be fun to try.
I can volunteer on weekends to be a C++/C#/ObjC code monkey.

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Postby GreyHeli » Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:21 pm

rome II looks gorgeous but its just not 'fun'.
In some ways it feels dumbed down.
part of the fun is discovering hidden features and depth,
and so far its a little lacking.
In CotN, I love the discovery process of balancing linen, jewelry, pottery, etc.

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Postby Keith » Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:00 pm

Are you referring to TW: Rome II?

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Postby Thomazml » Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:56 pm

I think yes...
But, in Caesar II, there was a "provincial" management, realtime, with comerce, other cities/villages and barbarian towns to conquer. There was invasion armies too, to defeat with our mighty legions.. *-*
It'll be great if MM recreat this aspect of Caesar II game.... =D

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Postby Keith » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:04 pm

Yep, I loved the old provincial map and battle map. But some computers back then had problems switching between them and crashed or returneda black screen. The only way around it then was to let the game auto-resolve the battle for you....not as much fun for sure. They opted to go with the one screen in Caesar III as a result.

The computers of today should be able to easily handle things like a provincial map and battle map screen.

I'm just guessing that we won't be seeing a return to that feature in MM. It may more closely resemble the game play of Pharaoh, Caesar III, and Zeus. No one other than TM knows for sure and they aren't talking yet.

I have the original TW: Rome. It was fun for a while. The battles were the most interesting parts of that game for me. Unfortunately, the province map in TW:R was rather dull and repetitious. I got bored with it after I conquered 50 provinces. Even with all those under my control, it never seemed like I had enough forces to march into Rome and try to take over.

The battles in TW:R were a more detailed version of those represented in Caesar II. I loved moving my cohorts around attacking and fending off the barbarians hordes. I haven't played TW:R in quite a while since then. I may break it out again one of these days and install it on my new computer.

I haven't heard much about TW: Rome II since I first saw it's announcement and I haven't been following it very closely. I'll have to check it out and see if it is worth picking up.

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Postby JuliaSet » Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:59 am

There are so many Medieval games out there. What do you think the game should focus on? I know some want a castle/knight game, or a culture game. What focus would you like?

What would make the game different and exciting from other Medieval games?

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