Deeper specialization of the cities

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Deeper specialization of the cities

Postby mayorD » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:16 am

Hi everyone, I am new here and this is my first post..
I was thinking how to bring a little bit more variability and re-playability to the game. And here is my suggestion. I kind of took a little bit RPG approach but for the city, not the mayor..

So generally, the idea is that the cities could be specialized more deeply in some way, depending on player’s choices.

I’d rather show that on some few examples:

I. You have a decent running city with average coverage of culture and religion.. no issues. But you take extra step to build more churches to get an excellent religion coverage. In a while, Bishop notices your interest in religion and offers you to build the Abbey (small monument). After building that, you find out that to run it you need to build more paper industry and beewax (candles) industry. You still keep an excellent religion coverage and bishop offers you to build the monastery… You need more resources to build this small monument, then you need bigger paper and candle industry for upkeep.. That way your city starts to shape in religion city, impacting how it looks and the industry it is in… In the end, you might be even offered to build really big cathedral and your city may become a seat of archbishop…

II. You are building big weapons industry, trading a lot.. and a well known guild sends their master to your city as they recognize your industry, but you need to build a guild house for him.. the guild master offers his connections and you can start importing better steel/material for your weapons.. at some stage, Royal Armoury Master gives you the task to supply for Kings Army and you need to create bigger industry that influences the city in different ways..

III. Jewelry.. basically nearly the same way as above mentioned weapons industry - after fulfilling some conditions, you are gradually offered additional buildings, materials.. and in the end Queen visiting your city to purchase the best jewels for her treasury and will your city be able to cope with the Queen and her 500 person company visit?

Of course, there could be some really main differentiations like religion, culture /arts/alchemy, government , army/security that would have bigger impact on the city and then smaller ones per industry and not all of them could be done in one city ( ie. if you choose big weapon industry, you would not get a chance to grow your city into religion one...) And that impacts the city in terms of available special buildings/ upgrades, technologies / raw material which lead to various structures of inhabitants (poor working for heavy industry, middle class for trading, etc)

I think that in the history, some cities were known of some special things... And for lot of things the city was granted the right to have it by King ( ie. breweries, markets)

And it would be up to the player which way to go, or even if to take any at all.. I really like the idea of either this or that...

I know that in some other games the cities could be specialized in i.e. industry (dirty, high tech, agricultural) or society so it is not really anything that brand new but I think that what I mention is more rewarding for the player as they explore the new opportunities in some direction that otherwise would stay hidden.... Kind of mini scenario stories within free game that give more than money rewards for fulfilling ...

Just raw idea that I hope makes sense. Just let me know your opinions..

So will your city become the Seat of Bishop or will it be known for its best cheese that is even supplied to Royal Kitchen? :-)

Thanks for reading. Mayor D.

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Postby Amrine » Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:47 am

sounds ok. I've played other games that are similar to this, and they were fun.

Good ideas

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Postby PhilL » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:51 pm

The specilization of cities into centers for a particular trade or goods in TM games has usually been done through the script of the game. As you advanced through the eras of the particular culture. The game forced you to make the city a weapons depot, gold hub or what ever. TM has in the past done a good job mixing it up.
But I like your idea of letting the player control the direction the city may go. It does open up possibilities for better replayability and enjoyment. This history buffs here may not agree as they like the game to follow real time events

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Postby Rhamses » Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:49 am

I don't know about that. I know that this game seems simple at first then there are layers of complexity. It is supposed to be an "idle" know, slow-paced.

I like the ideas presented, they are creative. I just don't think that they are necessary.

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