A few thoughts, roads and smart walkers

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A few thoughts, roads and smart walkers

Postby llehsadam » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:16 am

:D I'm excited about this game. Chris, I hope it works out!

Pharaoh was one of the first games I ever played and it heavily influenced my tastes when it comes to strategy games. You designed a very good game. Really, it raised the bar so high, I was in some way disappointed with any game I played afterwards. Emperor and Caesar somewhat quenched my thirst, but the game play and design never felt as complete and complex as in Pharaoh.

This was mainly due to one thing:

Complexity of the building menu. There are so many monuments and buildings to build in Pharaoh and even though the feel of it is never overwhelming, it certainly looks magnificent and overwhelming.

I think there should be exactly the same complexity with large structures in Medieval Mayor. A campaign should introduce some of the structures, but there could also be variety in style that is associated with materials to be used. In Pharaoh there were pyramids, so in Medieval Mayor there should be cathedrals, but castles should also be available for construction. From wood and earth hill forts to brick Malbork Castles to stone Windsor Castles... there should be variety in size, complexity, and material.

Something that bothered me in Pharaoh was the roads. I don't mind the walker system, but I did mind people running through each other. At some point in density, there should be traffic jams and congestion.

I propose making road width and quality important for walkers. Roads that are two or three wide would have a higher chance of being picked by walkers to move on. This would also be true with road quality, as in a plaza would be a walker's first choice, then a stone road and a last choice would be a dirt road. This change would give a stronger but still indirect way for the player to control important walkers and it would keep the walker system as fun as in Pharaoh.

For example, lets say you want the building inspectors and other important walkers to concentrate on a rich district in your city. Simply use more expensive roads (makes sense since the place is high class) and make the roads wider there. Architects, fire fighters, policemen, and tax collectors would walk there more often (how often depends on how expensive the materials are).

I think this solves the smart walker problem effectively. :cool:

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