Building rotation and four sided sprites

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Building rotation and four sided sprites

Postby mononavidegno » Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:23 am

I have been waiting for another 2D city builder for several years and I'm very happy about this upcoming new game, but I'm quite concerned about a feature that didn't seem to be available in previous games of the genre (with the only exception of the decoration statues in Emperor ROTMK) and that is building rotation and four sided sprites, every building, in this kind of game, has only two sides and when you turn the city map the building will look like it turned to look in the exact same way than before but the rest of the map don't . I know it is possible to fix this adding a second set of sprites for the other two sides and i really think that could help a lot with the customization of the city overall look.

Maybe it doesn't seem to be a great point, but the ability to rotate each building and decoration with four sides each will increase a great deal the possible combinations of appearance for a neighborhood or industrial district, and more over for impressive buildings and monuments.

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