a NEW Children of Nile game is needed!

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a NEW Children of Nile game is needed!

Postby aztec11us » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:31 pm

hi all !

i loved Pharaoh and now, i loved Children of Nile

but to be truthful, i think it is time for Tilted Mill to come up with a new, follow up game of Children of Nile!

They could call it something nice, like Children of Nile - Days of Ra (and they could have the days of Akhenaten/ Amenhotep IV (a monoteistic pharaoh who introduced the worship of only 1 god - Aten/ Aton)

Could be a nice campaign, with the rise and fall of Akhnaten (or any other nice subjkect, egyptian history is rich and full of perfect subjects for this)

But the true point of a brand new C.O.N. game is the fact that C.O.N. SHOULD upgrade to modern day --- it would truly be awesome !!!

BOTH from A.I./ U.I. point of view and graphics point of vue!

I know some of you might ask - why do you think C.O.N. needs such a big update ?

ANSWER: i feel the biggest reason is the A.I. behind the game ! its totally dated, and in some cases, even worse than Pharaoh (which is a much older game! go figure!)

SHOW EVIDENCE! you might say ...

Evidence? SURE!
Lets just enumerate a SMALL number of such errors, which by themselves, may not be that bad, but 1 small error + 1 more small error + 1 another small error ..... = lots of anoying bugs/ errors that end up leaving an ugly stain on a otherwise game with a HUGE potential!

errors of A.I. that i find totally stupid (these are HARDCODED...no way to get arround them):

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER ...here are some such annoying issues, which compound with each other: others may find more ...

Error 1) - if i have several barge landings on both shores (for resources transport) quite often, the laborers hauling statues, limestone etc on barges, will gather on only 1 landing (leaving the other landings unused), and as the boats cram at one dock, they can no longer move ---- the barge that wants to move cannot push the others out of the way !
there is a solution to this, but a totally retarded one --- destroy that landing being used, thus forcing the barges to spread to the remaining landings, and allowing the blocked barge to finally move
create an ew, much more improved collision detection for the new CON game

Error 2 - quite often, when building a pyramid, the laborers hauling the resources to the pyramid to be used, will just drop the transport and ....go home ! OUT of the blue!
they never return to pick up the abandoned sled!
wasted precious resource.
no known solution !

Error 3 - if i have some army and city guards, when beduins attack, even when the enemy passes within feet of the city guard, rather than move to quickly intercept, the idiotic A.I. makes the city guard just follow the beduin just behind him.
ofc, as a result, the beduin has no problem robbing etc (they do get killed eventually...)

this is totally idiotic! why dont the city guards simply intercept ?
Heck! even Pharaoh guards (policemen) would intercept enemies !!!

there is no known solution!

and no ...covering all angles in city guards will take a huge, heavy toll on population, and neither is full walling in ! far too costly, and too slow

Error 4 - countless times, with 2 overseers (one to mine statues, the other in statue constructions) and with plenty laborers, the A.I. just mines the statues, but wont get to the point of actually hauling them to the temple which is waiting for the statue !!!
sadly, this is a common occurence ... no known solution !
even after long periods of times, with the overseers going to their locations and overseeing multiple times, sometimes the laborers simply wont go to work hauling the statue to their proper place

Error 5 - related to the barge landing error above!
after destroying the blocked barge landing, when the barges finally get moving and when the hauling laborers land on the city side of Nile, when they get off the barge, quite often, they remain ,,stuck'' on the shore !!!
even with pleny of open space arround them, they dont move further, even if the animation and sounds for hauling are playing, if you click them (,,keep the rythm boys etc...'')
no solution is known

Error 6 - nobles with servants not buying, despite having enough bread available and despite the shop keeper having ,,adequate sandals/ cosmetics/ pottery''
probably not that common, still seen it happen
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Postby aztec11us » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:38 pm

what is the solution ?

SUGGESTIONS for the future A.I. of the next generation of C.O.N. game!

1) give user more direct control over the A.I.

i.e. create 2 new buttons to virtually all active role citizens ... one button called RALLY and another one called STOP

when clicking a servant, choosing RALLY then right-clicking a noble/ shopkeeper etc, the servant will serve their chosen target permanently, or until player chooses the STOP command, which would return that NPC back to being managed by the A.I.

same with military ...when faced with an enemy (which too should get updates), let use select RALLY, then simply right click an open area on the ground to deploy troops (LIKE IN PHARAOH or SC 2 !)

as troops get to that location, then should use the a-move command (also engaging enemies that are within some range of them)

2) let player CHOSE what aspect to prioritize --- religion, agriculture, military, commerce etc --- LIKE in PHARAOH !

basicly...STREAMLINE the AI, get rid of the annoying, stupid bugs or ways of doing things, make the choices matter and make the game more fluid

3) Allow players to play COOPERATIVELY ! to build a city, defend it etc togheter

4) let Player v Player become an important part!
let players build up a city (but much faster than in solo play) then make an army, then attack each other

5) doesnt Tilted Mill need more $$$ ?

the next game will NEED a brand new A.I., a MAJOR and VAST improved AI, just like Starcraft 2 is a vast improvement over Starcraft 1 !

a lot of work ? YEP!

but done RIGHT, Tilted Mill could be FULL of money !

PS: also, when sending troops abroad, let user switch to a view of that foreign battle field, where they could use TACTICS (i.e. maneuvering, encirclement etc) to win over the enemy
make the new game cost 40/ 50 Euros ...and they ll make LOADS CA$H !
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Postby llehsadam » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:12 pm

Err... this is the Medieval Mayor forum, not so sure this post belongs here. I like your enthusiasm though.

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Postby smeghead » Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:15 pm

Better: make Pharaoh 2 :cool:

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Postby Flammehav » Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:46 am

City building games was never about multiplayer. That tried it a bit in Emperor, but not a big success. You would be better of playing Empire Earth I think. Improved AI I could go for. nothing more annoying than to have one guy standing around for 5 hours trying to figure out what to do, or when your only job is to assets taxes which is only done 1/3 of the year, you choose THAT season to help your wife shopping, pick up papyrus and worship the gods.

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