Economy and Social structure

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Economy and Social structure

Postby Thomazml » Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:48 am

Sorry my bad english, It's not my first or even seccond language...

The thing I loved most in CotN is it's economic system. Making the families acumulate food (wealth), trading wtih themselves (buying goods, or paying for services), was great.
The trading system was great too. You could taxed it, but who would actualy paid for the stuff were the people from your settlement, not you. I don't remember if the merchands purchased some of our own goods from your people's stores, and if you could taxe it.

It was VERY, VERY imersing, and very realistic, in my point of view...

But it had flaws...
In late game's, many farmers would acumulated a large amount of food, so would the sellers, but they wouldn't spend it, or try to ascend in the social system. It's unrealistic... The should spend more, or the food should be eaten more often, don't really know...

Another interessing point it's the social ascension. A farmer could improve to a shopkeeper, than a luxury shopkeeper, than his son could be trained/teached, than, after a lot of years, as he become a retired, he could build a mansion and star a new noble dinasty...


I'll like to see some of this stuff in Medieval Mayor!

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