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Postby Carnivorus » Fri Sep 08, 2006 1:48 pm

Jay! Contest! My first! Partly because I didn't even know there were dudes/gals around the internet doing that until quite recently. :o

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Installing Problem

Postby Lucky64 » Mon Sep 11, 2006 1:25 pm

I took my C3 disk out of the shelf, and when trying to install it, it gave an error message. It can download the file c3.555, and then throws me out of the setup page. :mad:

Any help?

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Postby Keith » Mon Sep 11, 2006 10:55 pm

Proabably dirt or fingerprints on the CD, scratches or a warped CD.

Clean it if it is dirty or you may have to replace the CD if it is badly scratched.

You can try copying all the contents of the CD to a temp folder on the hard drive and then run the setup.exe from there.

Make a new folder called TEMP on your desktop and open it.

Open the list of files on the game CD in My Computer. You want to see the list of files on the CD not run the program or get the autorun menu.

Press CTRL+A to select everything. COPY, then PASTE everything to the temp folder on your hard drive.

Run the setup.exe from the TEMP folder.

You can delete that folder and contents later.

There is a device that will repolish CD surfaces, which is good if you can't find a replacement CD for your scratched ones.

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CD Skip Doctor

Caesar Clifford
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Postby Caesar Clifford » Tue Sep 12, 2006 7:03 am

Yeah, there have been Caesar 3 contests for many years now. I can reccommend this latest contest to you all. Goonsquad is one of premier C3 contest designers on the planet and this should be a great set of 6 maps for this contest.
The first one is very interesting. It only lasts 12 months, yeap one year so you cnan complete it in around an hour first time and send your entry in. Then of course the contest side of things starts to kick in and you wonder if you can just squeeze an extra dn or two out of your map so you have another try. Then you think of something else to try and before you know where you are you are having the most fun you can. ( Well I guess you can tell I love Cb contests ). Of course then you start to wonder what other people will score and how good are they. Its a lot of fun finding out the final result and all the scores. And you can send in as many entries as you like. So if you keep improving your score keep sending in new entries.
Also at AM there is a vast fund of knowledge regarding contests and the games so plenty of help for anything you want or need to know. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Have a look at the links on goonsquads post.

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Postby Quandry » Sun Sep 24, 2006 1:29 am

Well, I won't be entering any C3 contests.

As someone who won't be able to get CIV :( I decided, as a consolation, to replay C3. I thought that with all my previous experience of C3 and the other CBs, it would be a snip. Nope. What a mess I'm making of everything. As for the military campaign - bwa hahaha - my soldiers leg it from the puniest of enemies. I'm like a novice all over again. :o

Actually, this rather pleases me. While you lot immerse yourselves with CIV, I can go right back to the drawing board with C3. Kind of makes me feel better. :)

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Caesar III still one of my favorites

Postby GGaius10 » Thu Oct 05, 2006 1:47 am

I'm not just playing Caesar III and waiting for Caesar IV to make its' appearence so I can stop playing the older game. I have both Caesar III and Caesar IV and I still play Caesar III and will continue to do so. This was, still is, one of my all time favorite games and I really like it. Everything from the scenarios themselves down to the stand alone C4 Editor worked perfectly and the graphics for that day and time were hard to beat. In many ways I like C3 better than C4. At the time many people, including myself, are experiencing some problems with Caesar IV. Especially the C4 Editor. In the future when all of the problems are solved with patches and editors have schooled those editor nuts like myself on the use of the editor, then, I might say that I like Caesar IV better but, until that time...sorry...but I have to stick with Caesar III

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Postby Isileo » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:18 pm

I started out with Caesar II, then III. I'm liking IV :D

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Postby dorn » Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:26 am

It was the same with me years ago. :)
Nice you joined us and liked the previous citybuilders and the new one. ;)
Great, Isileo.

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Postby Isileo » Wed Feb 21, 2007 2:09 pm

Thanks Dorn. :D

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Postby Niahaw » Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:36 pm

I love Caesar III but i'm on Mac so do you know if the IV will come on OSX?

Sim Nation
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Postby Sim Nation » Fri Aug 03, 2007 9:49 pm

C3 memorabilia , a game i very much consider
a classic in many ways .Not that you would want to play C3 with the release
of c4 ,but it is possible to play c3 on the most modern of Pc s using
the compatabiltiy wizard.Some of these images/cities are quite old and got transfared
from a pc with fast page ram .

The pinnicle of Roman society

I loved hoarding stuff in C3, a few images of a stash
i used to get me through the Massila , Caesar assignment

Free muffins and cookies to anyone that can guess the value of my stash
to the nearest Denari.

The Battle with Hannibal

C3 Extreme
Defences made in prep of a 960 strong macedonian invasion force
in a scenario i made, if the macadonians didnt get you the 480
barbarians scheduled later that year would. It was possible to
survive the invasions , but i did have fighting in the streets, following
the breach of both sets of walls , many citzens perished and my 96 legioniares
totaly destroyed during the battle, to win this scenario you had to snear in the face of
caesars wrath,manipulate the gods ,grow a 15,000 pop with little farmland ,and
very high ratings.It took me many attempts to complete the scenario , which was great fun considering
i had made it myself.I knew what was comming but was helpless to stop it.1500 start money and a 500 rescue ,
you had no chioce but to go red in debt and caesar was constantly screaming at you throughout the first years of the scenario.


Campaign Valencia mini map.
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Postby goonsquad » Sat Aug 04, 2007 3:51 am

In designing a C3 military scenario, it is next to impossible to overwhelm a good player unless you disable most or all of the military capabilities, which kind of defeats the purpose. Even then, lions and/or gladiators can defeat the most powerful of invasions.

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Postby Sim Nation » Sat Aug 04, 2007 5:26 am

The map is available at Heaven Games , if you want to try your luck , goonsquad, Only one barracks mind you and no cheating . This was a review i got from pontuis

Nicely done map, nice ploy with a last minute message that makes the earlier description redundant, so you are a trickster!

I haven't played this yet. Don't even know if I want to play it, we'll see. At first glance I doubt if it is possible to win by normal means. Very little food, but a high population and high prosperityrates needed to win. On top of that you have to fight pretty large invasions(960 Carthaginians in one year will probably trigger the spritelimit) and you got very little starting money or acceptable resources to earn it. This is for the masochistic among us or the ones who don't hesitate to cheat their way through bad times.
I eagerly await comments from someone who played it up to the megainvasions.

Obtw although i wasnt aware of the cbc back then ,but i do score 4116 on the checkers map after only half a dozen attempts.
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Postby goonsquad » Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:39 pm

4116 on Checkers hard map, on hard difficulty, and meeting the completion criteria? This is higher than Caesar Jan's winning score, and far more than some very highly regarded players of the game could achieve in much more than 6 tries, and would make you some player indeed, considering CJ knows every trick in the book and quite a few not in the book to get population quickly. Pity you didn't enter the contest when it ran. Mind you Checkers only has the single invasion by Caesar's army which isn't at all difficult to defeat, but does hold up immigration for a time. I'd love to see a save of your city.

I'm not the greatest C3 military general ever, but maybe sometime I will give your map a spin. There is a fellow called Naghite who loves a military challenge. He once defeated a maximum sized native invasion (120 natives) with only prefects- all military structures were disabled. I still don't know how he did it but there are quite a few tricks that can be used. Not sure he's still active though.

If your map is as devious as it sounds it might make a nice contest. I'm not sure what you consider cheating. Use of lions/gladiators (neither are disabled)? Tower deathtraps? Use of the walker limit to reduce invasion size? I note only a single barracks is allowed.

I've looked at the map. It's well drawn. It doesn't look as though it should be indefensible. Only limited places invasions can occur. Sell a squillion furniture to the natives (oops- just noticed mission posts are not enabled, so a tough slog awaits economically). Famous last words probably. The prosperity requirement would take some work.
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Postby Sim Nation » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:25 pm

Hail Goonsquad,
Well to be honest i wasnt aware of you guys or the competitions back then , but it does sound like i missed lots of challenging fun . I bumped into heaven games quite accidentially while looking for a C4 Demo . Sure i can let you have my save of checkers hard map ,on hard difficulty , i dled the checkers map and played out of curiosity rather than for any reason, also i wouldnt want to take anything away from CJ as you correct mentioned i was not in the competion when it ran, give me instructions of where to upload the file and its yours.

My scenario , i have made quite a few ,i would of made lots more at the time had i been aware of the exchange, playing ones own scenario s kinda defeats the object ,imo, thats why i was realy pleased with the Tarsus Sc , even though i was the creater,i did find it a challenge , the final version i uploaded to Heaven ,i did give the player an extra 2 years to prepare , i put the main invasion back to 8 years from 6 years ,i think . I made it a long time ago, i didnt want to make it impossible to win , just pretty tough. But still it is quite challenging at 8 years .Maybe surviving to 8 years is equally as tough also , it isnt realy a military scenario ,if you know what i mean , the military plays only a small part of the total scenario.

Cheating well i would consider anything out of the ordinary , purposely placing Extra Lion Houses ,Gladiators and prefactors with the intentions of using them for purposes other than entertainment , basic security, would been seen as cheating . I find invaders are lacking moral , and arnt very well organised in C3 . I am by no means dissing the game with that comment , but the invaders werent that great at invading. Your correct you could just spam towers to defeat the invaders , but i had hoped people wouldnt play it in this manner.
Again with just a single barracks , that provides Wall guards , Towers guards,and fighting units at a default speed. I personaly had a lots of fun with it ,hope you do to if you have time to play.

Have your ever played Cossacks II , you can make an army 20,000+ in real time, you kind of run out of hotkeys which is a problem . Based upon the Neopolitan wars in Europe,Castles, Bulwerks, Muskets,Cannon and Cavalry that type of thing. I have a few scenario s for that also if you play it.
The city building of Caesar combined with the military limits of Cossacks on a european map would make for one hell of a period rts/cb game .
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Postby Keith » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:32 pm

Sim Nation wrote:The city building of Caesar combined with the military limits of Cossacks on a european map would make for one hell of a period rts/cb game .

Quite a while back I suggest something similar, a combination of Caesar citybuilding combined with the miltary aspects of Rome Total War.

I used to try to play custom battles in RTW with six armies and it bogged down my P4 3Ghz system quite heavily.

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Postby goonsquad » Fri Aug 10, 2007 2:05 pm

It's quite true that the military is very rudimentary in C3, and in fact in all the Impressions citybuilders, and for that matter C4 as well. It isn't really what these games are about but they wouldn't be terribly authentic without it. Many fans of these games would be just as happy were there no military. For the most part, it just forces the player to expend resources rather than being a test of skill.

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Postby joshofet » Fri Aug 24, 2007 1:00 pm

Naghite didn't fight at all, but used the fact that the invaders were drawn to certain buildings. By putting those at inaccessible locations the invaders just stood idling around while the prefects attacked them, until they left by losing morale. I tried to attack them face on by prefects blocking every possible path they could take to the city, but eventually they still broke through. Naghite found a trick, I still think my approach could work.

The Tarsus map at HG is all but impossible, if you know how to handle large invasions. No tricks needed, you don't need to be an expert, but novice players will get frustrated. It is fun, try it.

Sim Nation
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Postby Sim Nation » Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:01 pm

Hey ,thanks guys for playing Tarsus ,im pleased you enjoyed the map , its kind of made my day to see you had fun with it .

I upgraded my pc a few months ago , and had to release my old ip , so i am having probs with my HG account ,i know its repairable , just havent got around to it yet, but im pleased to see some one has finished the map .

Confusing the invaders may be an advanced way ,or loop hole in the game , but i would of hoped everyone would of faced the invasions head on, as joshofet , Goonsquad and i myself did. Its much more realistic and fun to play without taking advantage of glitches within gameplay ,imho .
Pausing ,to make plans and build , would also be considered cheating ,imho ,but i could not dictate a game speed , as on my new pc 100% speed and every one is dashing about like crazy , on my new pc 70% speed is equivalant to 100% speed on my old agp pc. Wierd but true .I had hoped people would play the scenario in real time as apposed to constant pausing to plan your next move, im not saying anyone did pause , just i failed to mention this,in the rules.

Seeing some of you guys have completed the Clerk level(Tarsus) ,its inspired me to upload the next level , hopefully this time things will be a little differant with added difficulty ,including a full set of rules, that you can break while im not looking ..Also looking at the map in editor ,prior to playing is cheating .

Maybe it was to easy for the experts and cheaters , i was just testing the waters with Tarsus ,and will increase difficulty gradualy within the next few scenario s i make.

Keith . yes lag is always a problem in these types of games , even more so when played online , i have a pretty good rig , and am willing to tolarate lag to a certain degree , if the game inspires me enough to play through it .
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The Deception

Postby goonsquad » Mon Sep 03, 2007 12:47 am

The Deception is being reprised on CBC. This C3 military/economic contest was the first of the Deception trilogy and originally appeared on the French C3 site. It will be followed by The Final Deception, which is a recreation of The Deception, only in C4. The Final Deception is currently being beta tested.

The Deception is an awesome C3 contest. It is being run in normal difficulty only, and for a very limited time only, and the contest page is at this address:

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