Ohhh, man! Any way out of this mess?

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The Sage Nabooru
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Ohhh, man! Any way out of this mess?

Postby The Sage Nabooru » Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:04 am

As you can see from my savegame, I've got just ONE MORE block left to put into the Lighthouse. I noticed said block was stuck in hauling by four laborers who just stayed in the same place, hauling to nowhere, so I removed a planned barge landing construction in front of them. They still didn't budge, so after waiting awhile I decided to hell with them and tore down their houses, leaving the block, and built new laborer's huts so that another team who knew what they were doing could move another block there. But no one is moving that block, or a new block.

If only, if only this stupid game could've come with a feature that allowed me to delete a sledge! Because I have a sinking, dark feeling that that now-abandoned block sitting there is what's behind my Lighthouse waiting for its last piece.
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Postby tomnobles » Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:46 am

Moral to the story is "don't delete barge landings" and don't place them too close to each other. I try to keep them three tiles apart.

Hate to say it but you are probably 100% correct.

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Postby Tinkerbell » Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:47 am

Howdy again, The Sage Nabooru!

I just finished briefly looking at you save after renaming it (I still have your last one ;) ). It looks grim alright. So sorry. Your last triggered (shift key on the block) block is stuck in a clump of rushes.

If it makes you feel any better, your Great Lighthouse is not close to being finished. You need one more block to finish Stage 1 of three stages. You will have to nuke the Lighthouse & rebuild it, most likely (game will then ignore problem block). I only did a few things in my bag-o-tricks & they did not work.

As Tomnobles posted, deleting a landing in the middle of a process is not good & neither is having piers close together. You have two barges in "deciding what to do" confusion when the normal condition is "floating" or "travelling". Those two barges are most likely dead & you will have to build more landings so that your shipwright will trigger new barges that will work. A third barge appears to be fine.

In addition, building roads up to a landing is also not good & neither is building too close to a landing. The landing must have free unloading space around it for the game to choose a good location for the sled to appear. It is best to leave a clear area completely around a landing free of roads also.

I don't believe the save is lost, just the Lighthouse. Get rid of the landing next to your shipwright. Remember, landings can be placed away from your city, it is the location of the DOP that matters. I also advise players to never smash DOPs together like that, but leave a space between them. Even shipwrights can be away from services. TM cheated with that building & they rarely get upset. ;)

EDIT: I'm gonna take a wild guess & please tell me if this happened. Did the eastern landing you built & deleted result in your limestone having to be barged around that land spur? If so, then no barges would have ever gotten involved if you never built that landing there. I think the way way the game works, is that it imagines a straight line from DOP to destination & if water is involved AND a landing exists, then barges will get involved. Perhaps it would be better if you do not use a landing there when you delete & rebuild the Lighthouse. The blocks should all go by land then.
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Postby sakasiru » Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:44 am

Hi Sage!

I had a similar problem once.

Try deleting *all* your workers, no single hut left. Wait until they settled down somewhere else. Dedicate your overseer(s) to something else for a while.
Then build worker huts again and hope the "material to building" is triggerd again.

Sorry, nothing else you can try short of starting over.

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