Worth getting?

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Worth getting?

Postby Flammehav » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:57 am

Is this game worth it? I'm a big find of city building games, but I've also played other games, like adventures games, shooting games and more combat focused games. This seems like a mix of a city building game and an adventure game??

How much of the focus is about building and improving/expanding your town and how much focus is about fighting and improving your character? Has it any of the feel like a city building game or is it more like a slightly advanced Empire Earth when it comes to cities?

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Postby Azeem » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:40 pm

The town-building aspect of the game is more like base-building - having a stable defensible place to secure resources and maintain your fighters. The different avenues for upgrades for some buildings adds somewhat of an additional layer, but other than that you don't spend much time on the town building aspect. The adventuring aspect is also a bit on the lite side since you don't have much control on what your party members do (they'll engage enemies sometimes recklessly and all you can pretty much do is tell them to go back to town if their HP gets too low) and everything happens on the same map. Raids add an added challenge, as does the requirements for Fame points, especially at harder levels.

Other than these things, Hinterland is very much a casual game ready to be fired up and played briefly for an afternoon without much need to invest much time into it. It's not a clickfest like your general RTS, not a puzzle of balancing character abilities or navigating complex skill trees as in regular RPG games, and it's not a mental exercise like regular builder games. Basically it has a little of everything for a casual experience, which is not a bad thing. Sometimes a good quick Hinterland session gives a nice hour of escapism. :)

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