Resource Management Spreadsheet (Work in Progress)

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Resource Management Spreadsheet (Work in Progress)

Postby davypi » Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:00 pm

So I'm going to state up front that if you are not interested in micromanagement, then you should just skip this thread now.

A few weeks ago on my Sabah account I knew I was getting close to immortality, but because I was producing lux goods at different rates, I wasn't really sure how much time I still needed or which resources I was really deficient in. So made a little spreadsheet that counted out how many hours I needed to come up with each of the needed resources. This helped me make smarter purchasing decisions in the marketplace. I was also able to know what I needed to purchase more of, what I goods I could sell because I was overproducing, and what kinds of trades to ask for on the wall. Now doing this for my Sabah account was pretty simple because I only had two cities to deal with and I wasn't playing for score. I'm now trying to do the same for my Theoris account and the work is much more difficult. I now having to track goods from four cities instead of two. Also, I'm not just tracking what I need for immortality, I also still need resources for Palace upgrades and other things along the way. Still, if you open the spreadsheet and go to the Theoris tab, you can see how things are going for me. The upper "block" calculates how many of each resource I need before the end of the game. The middle block states what I currently have. The third block is the rate at which I make or consume each good. The last three lines show what my actual need is and computes how much time it will take me to produce it. For example, I still need 40 days left to produce all the limestone I need before the end of the game, but I will have all the perfume I need in three days. So if I could find somebody willing to trade Limestone for my Perfume, this would actually be good for me. Similarly, my Sandals factory isn't actually running, but if I start producing it again, I can see that it will take me 23 days to get all my sandals, which is much longer than most other goods. So maybe I should think about getting that running again and even consider upgrading it. I can also see that I have more bronze than I need, so there is no point in trading for it anymore unless I want to produce military.

Right now the spreadsheet is very crude though. Whenever I upgrade a palace or a warehouse, I have to go into the appropriate City tab and put a check in the column next to that upgrade. There is a more elegant way to do this with numbers instead of check boxes and I could have information on all four cities on the same tab. I'm also only tracking Warehouse and Palace upgrades. If I want to upgrade other buildings along the way, those costs are not calculated yet, so my "bricks" needs might be understated.

So my reason for sharing this is I am wondering if other players would be interested in using this. If so, are there other things you would like the spreadsheet to do? Are there other ways I can present the information that would look cleaner or be more useful? I also realize that people play this game with different strategies and different goals, so I'm trying to think of ways to add versatility to how people will use it. Finally, I rarely use Google Docs, so I'm wondering if its better to do this in GDocs or Excel. I obviously don't want you using "my" spreadsheet, so it needs to be something others can copy and use. Yet, for me, having it online is better so I can view it both at work and at home.

Any comments and feedback are appreciated.
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