Twelve Days

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Postby one41 » Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:53 pm

Giving up on this scenario, since it just doesn't accept I have 9 markets on year 9 :(

Year one, I guess I could have only opened certain trade routes, but I opened them all--easy.
Year three, was a hair pulling switching back to the trade route screen and wondering why I couldn't pay to open the three routes needed. Just building them at the sound and message could have been a lot clearer.
Year nine. I've tried a few variations, and the last one included, in addition to my four food markets, 2 basic goods, 1 luxury, and one added exotic goods for the request, AN ADDITIONAL 9 food, 9 basic, 9 luxury, 9 exotic markets, still I fail. The extra request to not have the plebs green and happy was questionable, if it was stopping me. Are content plebs green? I added so many plebs in case they would start leaving, but there was some content holdouts with no food or basic goods ever. Wage was 22 vs 23 for plebs, tax 6%, but I did have to increase entertainment to get those plebs to move in. So for all my work, on the top of the screen the banner shows up a couple times saying, "Have you enough markets, and one of each type?". Maybe there is some kind of non-market market that I needed as well? It is the only thing I can think of.

The really questionable thing was, this was suppose to be prime numbers too, but the request for marble was 90. I'm was playing the files from the link that Herodotus provided above.

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