CotN Scenario and Campaign Editors' Manual

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Postby Yahya » Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:19 pm

Thanks, Ironlion45. :)

I actually did it a couple of years ago, but it was lost due to the forum change which ate all the uploads and a similarly-timed hard-drive failure when I was sadly short of a backup. I recently received a copy from someone else and finally decided to put it up.

There is some really great information in that book, and though I went through everything, my hat is off to TM for such a great game, Stainless Steel for the original Empire Earth game engine and scenario designer, and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World for writing such a great manual for their scenario designer, which was also based on the EE engine.

It was a lot of fun making that manual, because I learned a lot of things, like what the non-labeled check box is in the editor, how to stop the campaign editor from crashing, and so on.

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great job!!!!!!

Postby hotep » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:28 am

Dear Yahya,

Thank you so much for this manual! I don't know if you're still active, or anyone else for that matter, but I still love CotN and am dabbling just now with building scenarios. I can relate to your enthusiasm and am happy to know that I am not alone! :) I'll keep my eyes peeled for your new scenarios!


"Yahya" wrote:Howdy, folks! :D

After quite a bit of work, I've finally finished my CotN Scenario and Campaign Editors' Manual!

I started with the knowledge I'd gained on my own, and that which I gained from the work of people that I mentioned in the acknowledgments. I also acknowledge the work of the people at Empire Earth, for their excellent game engine without which CotN would not exist, and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, for the structure of the manual. (I basically took theirs and edited it into a CotN manual.) And I thank the members of this community, without whom the manual would have been pointless. :D

I spent many hours in the editors, just trying everything in there and documenting what I learned. It was an amazing experience, and I learned more about the editors than I ever would have otherwise.

This has been a goal of mine almost since CotN came out, and I'm happy I could finally realize it.

Of course, I couldn't do all this work without delivering it to the community, so I give you the attached manual for your own use in designing scenarios and campaigns.

Please note that this is version 0.0 of the document. I fully expect that you will find errors. Please post them in this thread and I will update the file periodically.

I'm so happy about this. :p :D :)

My greatest joy comes from having figured out the idiosyncrasies of the campaign editor, which is rather straight-forward, but has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Now I've got some scenarios to build. A lot of work to be done yet.

Enjoy! :)

CotN Scenario Editors' Manual

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Postby Yahya » Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:56 am

Hi hotep, and welcome to the board!

Thank you for your note. I'm glad you're finding that manual useful. It was fun writing it and learning all the things we thought we knew but didn't. :D

I haven't played CotN in a while now, but my mind returns to it sometimes, especially to the never-completed Sand Wars Episodes IV-VI. :)

I don't have much time to build them these days, and the boards have been pretty slow the last couple of years, sadly. But several of us still monitor them and will respond to any questions you have or discussions you start.

Have fun! :)

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