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looking for another game?

Postby Karter » Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:42 pm

Hi all, thought I would drop by and give my regards

Thought I might share this with you...
Since TM hasn't put anything on the shelf lately, I have been game-surfing
played the usuals WoW, EQ2, Guild Wars, etc, etc, etc


I came across my ultimate Game "Age Of Conan"

I absolutely LOVE this game, and I absolutely HATE this game !! :) :mad: :confused:

Let me explain,
Why I hate it first

You must have a decent system to play it
You must have Hi-Speed internet
It is the most horrific install I have ever been through
and if you do get it installed, you may even then, have problems..

But if you do get it up and running
Why I love it

The graphics are stunning,
The sound score is perfect (I usually turn them off, but not this one)
The game play is wonderful
There is a story line you follow and it draws you into the game like none other I have ever played
It is easy to play, you have quests, but easy to follow... you know exactly where to go and what to do.
You have PvP, all the time but its a fun PvP (I learned to run real fast) usually you will need to pair up with people to play certain parts, but the community so far has had great people.

And its free if you want to check it out, trial version allows you to play as long as you like, but parts are turned off, (Team chat, private chat, etc..) but not so, you can't progress..
I am up to lvl 18 and its been about a week...

To do it justice, you will want to subscribe, but this is one I don't mind.

I like this game because it makes me want to play even more, OMG I am an addict !!!!

If you decide to give it a try, beware
the game is a whopping 25GB (yes Gigabytes of download), but not all at once. It provides you the core files,
and then downloads in the background while you play, so for the first few days, your fps are horrid

I will give you some installing hints,
it has a patch installer that runs every time on start up...
click options, and only download 1 section at a time
I also found that running in windows mode performs better for me then full screen
make sure you have your proper DirectX checked either 9 or 10
if you are running Vista of Win7 select DirectX 10 all others select 9

Also, it seems that 50% percent of the time, it says I have corrupted files, just exit out and start again, like magic its cured :)

When you are playing (in the game) go to your system setup,
under misc. turn your background download speed all the way up (unlimited)...
I know it sounds strange, but it really makes the whole game perform better.

I think once all of the files are actually downloaded and it has gone through a couple of checks, it plays normally....
If you can make it through the first irritating install, the game INHO, is truly a delight...

Playing Hints

There is a pdf manual, read this so you know how to use your weapons
many moves are combo moves, you click one button then the next to make a lethal blow.
Remember also, if you are surrounded, even if you have only one character highlighted your swing will slashes others next to you.

Learn how to highlight a quest and then
Learn how to use the maps, they will show you exactly where to go
They have great maps that you can resize and zoom in and out, even the dungeon levels

If you seem out-numbered and die alot, there is a death penalty that last 30mins
but you can look on your map and see where you died, pick up to the tombstone and it removes the penalty.

One last thought, the forums are hard to find, you must have an account to even view them, and you must be a subscribing customer to post...

Now how is that for a damned if I do, damned if I don't approach?

:) :) :) :) :) :)
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