City Walls and Gates

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City Walls and Gates

Postby Kaelon » Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:05 pm

I have loved the city-builders that Tilted Mill / Impressions Games has developed for many years, but I have also really enjoyed Ubisoft's The Settlers, and especially The Settlers 6: Rise of an Empire, which simulates a city's placement within the surrounding landscape by allowing the player to construct two major types of buildings:

  • City walls, which the player can freely place and layout; and,
  • City gates, which open and close as units pass through them and which a player can close or lock to force re-routing.

There are various styles of city walls (wooden palisades, stone walls) and gatehouses that match the decor of a particular city, but another strong benefit is the placement of military units on battlements to make the cities much more defensible.

I hope that Tilted Mill will look at what The Settlers 6 did with city walls -- especially their free-placing nature (as players are really able to help define the boundaries of a city superbly) -- and innovate off of this excellent example.

Thanks for listening!

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