Micromanagement and other thoughts

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Micromanagement and other thoughts

Postby sephiroth » Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:09 am

Micromanagement from Caesar III was sorely missed in Caesar IV.
Age census and all the other advisers giving detailed information about everything was the best thing about Caesar III for me.

I stopped playing Caesar IV with the fire issue. I think of it as a bug on a personal level, but it really doesn't matter either way. I just didn't want that happening.

One thing I did like about Caesar IV was the radius thing. Caesar III's road system was really awesome, but it didn't have the right AI to support it. The problem with it was intersections. The market ladies would only follow one route and not the others. So I place another market on the other side of the intersection, but they still behave the same way, leaving half the block starving when there is food left to go around. The radius system in Caesar IV did solve this problem. If Medieval Mayor is to employ another road system, which I presume to be better than the one in Caesar III, I would like the manual to clearly state how it would work. And the thing about road system, I am not in favor of forced walkers.

I still play Caesar III for hours and hours until I get turned off by the little flaw in the road system. I couldn't be happier if the new game was just like Caesar III, only without the road issues.

Of course, this is my personal taste.

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Postby Keith » Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:17 am

If you run Caesar IV at the highest speed for too long you'll get fires. It has to do with older computers with less powerful CPUs using up all their clock cycles. This causes some problem the prefects in the game and they don't patrol as well as they normally would.

Only run Caesar IV in the highest speed in short spurts on older computers. I have found that on my new Core i7 machine I can run Caesar IV on high almost indefinitely without getting fires.

Also, if you have cities in arid areas of the world in Caesar IV they are more likely to catch fire, this was true in Caesar III as well. You need extra prefects to control the tendency for fires.

In Caesar III one way to control market ladies is to limit their options. Since the market lady is a "random walker" she can be controlled by removing road tiles on the road you don't want her to take. Gates also serve that purpose. Building "disconnected housing blocks which are separated from exit roads by the removal of one tile will keep her patrolling that one area.

"Destination walkers" like pushcart men won't be effected by the missing road tiles.

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Postby waleed432 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:34 am

Just adding one more ideia to this discussion.

How about having some trade routes where instead of products being bought and sold for money, they would be exchanged for other products.

For example, a trade route with a city located in the middle east could have that city buy pottery with money and exchange 1 unit of spices for each unit of furniture up to a maximum amount per year. Instead of paying the furniture with money, the traders would pay with spices.

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