A non civilization beta possibility

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A non civilization beta possibility

Postby JuliaSet » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:47 pm

While we wait for TM to be ready, if you want to sharpen your beta skills, message me at

gloriacarson@bellsouth.net Tell me your real name, a short bio. ( games you tested, info that gives a feel about your personality) a forum nick you would use, and a basic dx.

The new toy really looks good. I think they will be ready for testers by mid Oct. God willing they keep going well on it. These guys are really nice. I know that TM and Firaxis show respect to testers, so you can count on feeling appreciated. This probably will be one of the first playable builds, so you'd get a chance to see how a game grows in layers.

A few of us in the TM insiders are working with them, so you would have buddies you know. Come join the fun.

Best to you,
JuliaSet/Gloria Carson

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