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Great Works/Projects thread

Postby CiscoIrons » Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:34 am

Long time lurker here. I thought this game was dead. Maybe not. I donno but I want to do my part to keep interest alive!

So . . .

One of the things I liked most about Zeus, Pharaoh and Emperor was the great works projects you had to build. Medieval Mayor could continue this trend with . . . wait for it . . .

Castles and Cathedrals!

Castles: I imagine these could be place in a couple of ways. Either like with Zeus' temple system of the pyramids in Pharaoh/COTN, big projects that take a lot of time a resources. Another idea I had was for a pre-made foot print to already be on the map, kind of like the canal and wall scenarios in Emperor, except this would be a map-spanning gigantic undertaking with the keep, towers and walls already laid out in one of several historic blue prints (from simple motte and bailey to giant stone monsters). You'd build your city with the purpose of watching the castle grow around you and you'd have to be careful to build an authentic medieval city (no farms inside the walls, no government buildings outside, place your gate where ever you like). Some might call this restrictive, and I'd agree, but for a scenario or too where you'd actually get to build, say, Carcassonne or York, it'd be well worth it.

Cathedrals: These would be multi-mission undertakings. Since they took a long time to build, in the game you could reflect that by having missions and scenarios that jump back and forth, with the slowly growing cathedral on the back burner requiring steady attention. There are literally hundreds of real world examples to choose from. Like building Paris from a cozy little Roman backwater into the medieval powerhouse of France, complete with Notre Dame.

Just my two cents.


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