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RBB SCS - Factions Mod

Postby richardbrucebaxter » Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:04 am

Attached is a first release of a new SCS mod titled "Factions". This mod simulates the information control necessary to direct your society towards your faction's ends. It reimplements the Power energy as ideological power (as opposed to electricity). It contains the following building actions:

Explicit information control buildings:
Type: PowerBuilding
MiniMapColor: PowerBuilding
Build limit: 1
Power output = Cost / 100
Takeover power output amount = 1000% initial power output
Takeover cost = Cost/100 (allowAutocast; ie user can manually reapply the takeover action every 24 hours to maintain its effect)
Building categories: government
Summary: compared to implicit control buildings: these provide 4x the power output when taken over, however their takeover actions are not permanent, and it costs 1x the money to maintain the takeover every 24 hours (i.e. the maintenance cost is relatively cheap).
Note: explicit information control centres are selected from the Power buildings menu and appear yellow on the mini map.

Implicit information control buildings:
Type: no change
MiniMapColor: no change
Build limit: unlimited
Power output = Cost/100
Takeover/upgrade power output amount = 250% initial power output
Takeover/upgrade cost = Cost/10 (permanent)
Building categories: research, healthcare, advertising, corporate, media, education, advertising, worship
Summary: compared to explicit control buildings: these provide 1x the power output when taken over (not much), and their takeover actions are permanent, however it costs 10x the money to perform a take over.

Building Categories:
Research - take over ethics committees, advisory boards, and funding
Healthcare - redefine health
Government - reinterpret the constitution
advertising - distract your adversaries
Retail - bend the consumer
Corporate - launch a social campaign
Media - conduct an inquisition
Arts - broaden your message base
Education - infiltrate the system
Worship - confound the gurus

Buildings which can be taken over:
Research: Behavioral Science Lab, Market Research Center
Healthcare: Medical Group, Dept of Public Health
Government: Bureaucracy Office, Chamber of Deputies, Courthouse, District Courthouse, State Television, Town Hall
Advertising: SC5a Billboard, Electric Billboard, Plasma Billboard
Retail: Art Expo Center, Art Gallery, Book Store, Clothing Store, Department Store, Mall, Media Marketplace, Mega Mall, Shopping Center, Strip Mall
Corporate: Corporate Hive, Corporate One, Law Office, AAA Game Developer
Media: Campus Radio Station, Hit Movie Studio, Movie Studio, Newspaper, Public Radio Station, Recording Studio, Software Studio, TV Network, TV Station, Sim Art Academy
Education: Childrens Museum, Drama School, Elementary School, Liberal Arts College, Military School, Parochial School, Vocational School
Worship: Cathedral, Evangelical Center, Evangelical Megaplex, Stone Church, Televangelist Studio, Temple

SCS RBB Mod - Factions 1a i - 24January2016a - Demo 1.gif:

The mod is currently being hosted here;
SCS RBB Mod - Factions 1a i - 24January2016a.zip

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