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custom images

Postby Jytte » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:29 pm

I would dearly like to be able to add images to a message (tutorial). I mean, editor lets you reference sound files, so why not pictures? There is no such option directly in editor, but there's a tiny little loophole in so far as you can reference the sprites that the program itself uses. You can see how they use that option in the tutorial scenarios. All the little sprites used in the game (like Image ) are saved in sprite sheets, which again I must assume is mapped in the program, so that they can be referenced with a simple number. A text message (tutorial or otherwise) can then have the line <img=81> in it, which will add the image corresponding to that mapping to the text message.

Well, that's nice enough if you need those particular images for some message. But how about a custom image? Now, there are piles and piles of tga files in the data folders, some individual sprites, some entire sprite sheets. Only some of those are actually used for CotN. I assume they are leftovers from a game this engine was previously used for. I tried to run codes up to 600, but only up to 227 gives you a result, the sprites used in CotN, no others. So it's not a simple matter of replacing a tga or dds, like one does with custom plazas for example. Under no circumstance would one want to mess with the one used by the game. I'm no programmer, but I assume that mapping to those unused images were deleted? So now what? I had a vague hope that the editor might accept some other code, so tried any number of HTML and Horus knows what other codes to reference a file on the drive. Merrily ignored.

In none of the scenarios I've been able to download are there any images other than the sprites used by CotN itself, but I have a limited amount available since the crash of this forum. I guess there aren't any?

Am I tilting at windmills here? Or is there some bright person out there that cracked this nut already and is willing to share the experience?
Jytte (alias Ubekhet)

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