I'm lost figuring this out

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I'm lost figuring this out

Postby Jytte » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:15 pm

I've created world maps, no problem. I've created icons, no problem. Now I just wanted to create a background image for 'story', you know the picture you see in the background while reading scenario information... HUGE PROBLEM.

The one that are already with the program (scribe, docs, farmers etc) are normal tga files. I created one with alpha channel, no work. Created one without, no work. Put it in the main folder where the others are, in the same as the scenario, no work.

So had a closer look at the existing files. Ordinary tga files. Copied scribe with new name, works. Opened scribe in my PaintShopPro, saved it as a new tga file, no work.

I would dearly love to show you a picture of this, but my domain has been hijacked by Site5, and is unusable since 5 DAYS! (rest asured I have already found a new host), and I cannot attach anything here. So all I can do is explain:

I had a look at image information at the original scribe.tga:
1024x768, 96.000 pixels per inch, RGB 8bits/channel.
Modified: No, Has a selection: No, Number of layers: 1, Alpha channels: 0

then had a look at the image I saved from original file (that doesn't work):
all info completely identical !

So what on earth is going on?

Granted I'm completely stressed out at the moment because of the website issue, but I just can't for the life of me think of what I'm doing wrong suddenly???

Jytte (alias Ubekhet)

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