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Tuesday, June 24th 2008
Destinations Now Available!
SimCity Societies: Destinations has been released! With more than 100 new buildings and 50 special Sims, you can create anything from beach resorts to theme parks. Head over to the official site for purchase options and details.
Wednesday, May 28th 2008
SimCity Societies: Destinations Preview
GameSpy has posted a preview of Destinations, which looks into the new features of the expansion and the recent updates. Here's a snip:
Between Destinations and the recent game updates, Societies looks like it will present players with way more strategic options to wrap their brains around than in the original game. Both casual players and strategy nuts should find a lot to like in Destinations, which retains the playfulness of the original title but looks to add some additional depth. It'll take a wily mayor to create a five star resort in the strategic mode, but with a little skill you'll have a world-class vacation destination.
Wednesday, May 28th 2008
Children of the Nile News
Tilted Mill is humbled by, and grateful for, the feedback we have gotten from our fans on this site and other venues, and therefore we'd like to share some exciting news with you.

The studio is currently in the process of enhancing the original CotN game for re-release very soon, and these enhancements will of course be made available to existing players free of charge. We don't want to overstate the scope of these enhancements - at this stage we are primarily focused on improving accessibility, and feedback issues, but a few new buildings / decorations have also been included (such as the 'Brickyard,' which allows you to quickly and easily place large amounts of bricks near construction sites, greatly accelerating the speed with which you can build your city). Part of this free update will be a new demo which we feel does a much better (and faster!) job of representing what is fun and unique about CotN, as well as showcasing the new enhancements, so for those of you who have not tried the game, please wait until the new demo is released.

We believe in supporting our products as best we can post release, and are therefore also in the process of creating a series of content packs for CotN that will always be well worth the loaf of bread to barter for. Depending on demand we will expand or contract this series going forward.

Thank you all for being part of our journey!

-Chris Beatrice
Friday, May 23rd 2008
Game Update #5 for SCS
This one is a biggie! Game Update 5 for SimCity Societies includes six scenarios, city-wide policies, budgetary controls and more. With this update we've introduced powerful new ways of playing the game, as well as further refining both Creative and Strategic modes of play.
Wednesday, April 16th 2008
Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Update
Tilted Mill believes passionately in Children of the Nile and remains committed to developing the Immortal Cities series further. To that end, the company is going to be supporting existing fans with some new goodies, and will also be bringing the game and series as a whole to new players who may not have gotten a chance to partake of what we continue to feel is a unique and refreshing city building experience.

We'll be providing more information on specific products and timing in the coming weeks, so please check back!
Wednesday, April 9th 2008
Game Update #4 for SCS
The fourth update for SimCity Societies has just been released! The update includes two new disasters (the Burgazoid 6000 and Ornithosaurus Wrecks), six new events, two new crises, new buildings, variants and abilities, as well as a mod management tool and a host of fixes and improvements. See the full details of the update here.
Thursday, April 3rd 2008
Children of the Nile is Back!
Like Osiris returning from the land of the dead, the Official Children of the Nile website has returned! But it's not just the website that's come back, Children of the Nile has come home to Tilted Mill, where it will live for all eternity... like Pharaoh's ba reuniting with his ka, and... oh, you get the picture.

The Tilted Mill team is overjoyed to have our beloved game back under its wing, so please check back frequently for news and updates about Children of the Nile and the Immortal Cities series.
Wednesday, March 5th 2008
Game Update #3 for SCS
The third update for SimCity Societies has been released. This update includes performance improvements, various user interface enhancements, and a new disaster; the UFO Attack!
Thursday, February 21st 2008
SimCity Societies Destinations
Our next project has been announced, SimCity Societies Destinations!
SimCity Societies Destinations enhances the SimCity Societies experience by providing all the tools you need to create an entire city or town based on attractions and amenities that visitors enjoy. With an enhanced map generator, players can identify each city’s opportunity for diversion and the city can capitalize on that draw. From sprawling theme parks and tropical beach resorts to country hiking trails, players can control more than 100 new buildings to create their customized destination.
See more details and screenshots at the official site.
Thursday, November 8th 2007
Job Openings: Senior Programmers
We are currently looking for Senior Programmers. See the jobs page for details!
Thursday, October 31st 2007
SimCity Societies Gold!
Look for the game in stores starting November 13th!
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — October 31, 2007 — Today Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced that SimCity Societies, the newest edition of the top-selling PC gaming franchise, SimCity, has been approved for manufacturing and is expected to begin shipping to stores across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe on November 13th. In SimCity Societies, you construct not only the cities you desire, but create their cultures, societal behaviors and environments as well. Build an artistic city, authoritarian dictatorship, spiritual community or most any society you want in SimCity Societies!
Monday, October 29th 2007
SimCity Societies Screens & Video
The official SimCity Societies site has a batch of new screenshots and videos, which show off some of the different kinds of cities, including Authoritarian, Cyberpunk, European and more!
Thursday, September 6th 2007
SimCity Societies Preview
GameSpot has a new preview with their impressions of a few of the city types in the game.
Thursday, September 6th 2007
SimCity Societies Preview
IGN posted a hands-on preview after getting some time with the SimCity Societies tutorial.
Tuesday, June 12th 2007
SimCity Societies
We are excited to announce that we are currently working on SimCity Societies, the next entry in the SimCity franchise!
The return of one of PC gaming's most popular series - SimCity(TM) - is here! Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that SimCity(TM) Societies(TM) is in development and is scheduled to hit retail stores this holiday season. Featuring an all-new, revolutionary feature set, SimCity Societies allows players to construct not only the cities they desire, but create their cultures, societal behaviors and environments as well. Build an artistic city, haunted town, green city, spiritual community or most any society you want! Using the accessible, innovative and versatile city-builder, players can create their own kind of city in SimCity Societies.
Check out the full press release for more details and the official site for screenshots.
Thursday, June 7th 2007
New Team Members
We have a host of new folks to announce, including; Alex Mullins (Junior Programmer), Eric Friedman (Junior Programmer), Chris Lynch (Audio Assistant), Andrew Bradley (Writer), Dan Carpenter (Junior Artist), Brent Paige (Junior Artist), Dani McDowell (Lead Tester), Graham Paterson (Dev. Support), Logan Benson (Dev. Support), Nick Atlas (Dev. Support), Matt Dabrowski (Dev. Support), K. Paul Garrett (Dev. Support), Steve Beddes (Dev. Support), Josh DeLisle (Dev. Support), Mike Lattiak (Dev. Support)

See the People page for bios and credits.
Thursday, March 22nd 2007
New Job Openings; 3D Game Artists
New job openings are now available for entry to mid-level 3D Game Artists.
Tuesday, January 23rd 2007
New Job Opening; Junior Programmer
We are currently looking to fill a Junior Programmer position. See the jobs page for details!
Thursday, January 18th 2007
New Job Opening; Audio Assistant
We have a new job opening for an Audio Assistant/Junior Sound Designer. This is an entry level audio position focusing on basic sound effect creation for video games, and in-game audio testing.
Tuesday, January 16th 2007
The 'Mill Expands
Tilted Mill continues to grow with the addition of twelve team members! Newcomers include Jon Alenson (Senior Designer), Joseph Lavoine (Junior Programmer), Steve Ashley (Assistant Art Director), Bryand Lassiter (Artist), Alex Weissman (Artist), Louis Tammaro (Junior Artist), Richard Brown (Junior Artist), Jieun Jella Lee (Junior Artist), Niles Doubleday (Junior Artist), Jared Pruett (Dev. Support), David Fox (Dev. Support) and Natasha Swift (Dev. Support).

See the People page for bios and credits.
Tuesday, January 9th 2007
New Job Opening; Writer
We have a new job opening for a Writer. Check the jobs page for more information!
Wednesday, October 25th 2006
New Job Openings; Development Support
The jobs page has been updated with details on new Development Support openings.
Wednesday, September 27th 2006
Caesar IV Reviews
The reviews of Caesar IV are starting to come in, just as the game begins to hit the shelves!

Online Reviews
»Yahoo Games - 4/5
"Tilted Mill's attention to detail has ensured that whether Caesar IV is beating you down or unfurling before you a magnificent ancient city, it does it with style and personality."
»GameSpy - 4/5
"In the end, fans of the classic Caesar franchise, city-building fanatics and general strategy gamers will find a lot to love in Caesar IV. In terms of sheer strategic depth, there's not a city-builder out there that can match it."
»Wired - 9/10
"...all hail the empire you've always dreamed of."

German Magazine Reviews
»Gamestar - 85% (Gold Award)
»PC Powerplay - 87% (Award for atmosphere)
»PC Games - 81%
Tuesday, September 19th 2006
Caesar IV Gold!
Caesar IV has gone gold, look for it in stores next week!
LOS ANGELES, CA – September 19, 2006 – Sierra Entertainment today announced that "Caesar(TM) IV", the latest installment in the best-selling historical city-builder franchise has gone gold for the PC. Developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment, "Caesar IV" combines classic city-building gameplay with next-generation 3D graphics and includes an online component that enables players to compare their urban creations. "Caesar IV" is scheduled for release on Sept. 26 and is rated E10+.
Thursday, September 7th 2006
Developer Diary and Preview
GameSpot has posted a new developer diary video, as well as an updated hands-on preview of Caesar IV.
Wednesday, August 23rd 2006
Caesar IV Previews
Two new Caesar IV previews have been published by GameSpot and IGN. There is also a new Designer Diary video at GameSpot available for download.
Tuesday, August 22nd 2006
Demo Screenshots
Take a look at these great screenshots that players have taken while playing the Caesar IV demo!
Thursday, August 17th 2006
Caesar IV Hands-on Preview at GameSpy
GameSpy posted their impressions of Caesar IV after some hands-on time with the game.
"...Caesar IV is already head and shoulders above any city builder I've played recently. Indeed, it's a mark of how much I was enjoying the game that I nearly lost my mind when I found out that many of the high-end structures in my build had been disabled. Here I am, having a great time tweaking my Roman masterpiece, and I can't seal the deal to maximize my city! The copy of Caesar IV on my hard drive is early, unoptimized and crippled, and I'm playing it like an obsessive madman. To say that I want the final really badly is an understatement on par with "The Romans 'sort of' wanted to conquer the world.""
Wednesday, August 16th 2006
Caesar IV Demo Released!
Dust off those city-building skills, FilePlanet has premiered the Caesar IV demo! Download it to get a taste of what Caesar has in store for you!

Visit the forums for discussion on the demo and everything Caesar IV.

Demo Mirrors: Tilted Mill, Sierra, GameSpot, 3DGamers.
Wednesday, August 16th 2006
Demo Preview at IGN
Waiting eagerly for the Caesar IV demo? Why not check out IGN's hands-on preview in the meantime!
Tuesday, August 15th 2006
Caesar IV Interview at GameSpy
On the eve of the Caesar IV demo release, GameSpy has published an interview with the designers. Give it a look, and be sure to come back tomorrow for the demo!
Friday, July 28th 2006
New Programmer Joins the 'Mill
Senior Programmer Dan Higgins has joined Tilted Mill and is busy coding away on Caesar IV! Dan joins us from Blue Fang Games.
Thursday, July 6th 2006
Caesar IV Interview at TVG
TotalVideoGames has posted a lengthy Q&A with some of the Caesar IV team. Check it out!
Thursday, July 6th 2006
Caesar IV Preview at GameStar has published their Caesar IV preview. Though you'll need to know German to read it (or try a translated version), there's also a nice batch of screenshots up along with the article.
Tuesday, June 27th 2006
Senior Programmer and Artist
We are currently looking for a Senior Game Programmer and Senior Game Artist. If you've worked on at least one published game and think you're Tilted Mill material, we'd like to hear from you!
Thursday, May 25th 2006
Artists Wanted
More job opportunities at the 'Mill have opened up, we are now looking for 3D Game Artists!
Tuesday, May 23rd 2006
Programmers Wanted
The jobs section has been updated with a call for programmers of all skill levels. If you love to program games, be sure to take a look!
Thursday, May 11th 2006
Caesar IV at E3
Caesar IV is being shown at E3 this week, we'll keep you up to date with new previews and content! There are also new previews at Eurogamer and GameZone based on their impressions from the Pre-E3 showing.
Monday, April 24th 2006
More Caesar IV Press
Two new Caesar IV previews have been published by GameSpy and Worthplaying!
Wednesday, April 19th 2006
Caesar IV Press!
Several previews have been posted today after Caesar IV was shown to the press at the E3 2006 Preshow. Check 'em out to see what they had to say!

»GameSpot: "Fans of city-building games have seemingly waited for ages for their next fix, and if Tilted Mill can pull all the pieces together, Caesar IV will offer the best-looking, most-comprehensive city-building experience for computers yet."

»IGN: "...Caesar IV is happy to indulge with a surprising level of detail."

»1UP: "Caesar IV looks to distinguish itself with a refined version of the Caesar (and offshoot brands such as Pharaoh) gameplay, an astonishingly informative user interface, and a great looking engine."
Friday, March 31st 2006
Job Opening
We currently have a new job opening for an Entry Level PC Games Programmer. Check out the Jobs page for further information.
Wednesday, February 8th 2006
New Team Members
Today we have four new team members to announce; Artists Travis Williams and Ed Brillant, Audio Assistant Jeff Seamster, and Brian Ferullo in Development Support. All of which are already busy contributing their talents to the development of Caesar IV!
Tuesday, January 31st 2006
Most Wanted Games of 2006 has named Caesar IV as one of their top 10 most wanted games in 2006!
Tuesday, January 10th 2006
Three More Into the Fold
We are happy to welcome three new team members! Artist Louis Tammaro, Programmer Kevin Bray, and Lead Tester Will Jennings.
Thursday, December 15th 2005
On Stainless Steel Studios
Chris Beatrice was recently asked to give his thoughts on the unfortunate closing of Stainless Steel Studios.
Thursday, December 15th 2005
Two More Join the Ranks
Lenny Eusebi has come aboard as Scenario Designer, and Hans Schroder joins Development Support!
Wednesday, November 9th 2005
TMill Welcomes New Programmer
We are pleased to welcome Dean Lawson! Dean joins us after having spent some time at Cyberlore. He has worked on such games as Civil War Generals II (back in the early Impressions days), Risk: Global Domination and Majesty.
Thursday, November 3rd 2005
New Job Opening
Another job opportunity at Tilted Mill is now available, we are looking for Development Support Personnel to join the team! If you're interested, check out the jobs page for more information.
Tuesday, November 1st 2005
New Job Opening
A new position has been added to the Jobs section, we are now also looking for an Audio Assistant!
Thursday, September 29th 2005
Job Openings
Tilted Mill is now hiring! If you'd like to be part of our team, please drop us a line. We are looking for 3D Game Artists as well as a Senior 3d Engine Programmer.
Friday, August 26th 2005
Playing as the Bad Guy
GameCloud has posted an article, "Playing As The Bad Guy: Game Developers Sound Off", which Chris Beatrice contributed to. See what he and other folks in the industry had to say about the subject.
Wednesday, August 18th 2005
CaesarIV, Tilted Mill and Vivendi-Universal Games!
We are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Vivendi-Universal Games to bring you Caesar IV, the latest and sure to be most spectacular installment in the highly successful and popular series of city-building games. To learn more about the game, see screenshots, movies and additional content, visit our site at
Wednesday, August 18th 2005
Linden Game Engine
Tilted Mill has developed its own proprietary game engine to provide the perfect visual experience for the next generation of city-building and RTS games. The "Linden" engine has been built from the ground up utilizing the latest in shader technology, and can provide detailed views from as far as falcon's eye to as close as the cracks in the cobblestones of a city street. But Linden is not just for the power user -- it efficiently tailors features to maximize a user's performance and provide as rich a visual experience as possible whether on an old "clunker" or the most cutting edge machine available. The Linden engine will first be used for Tilted Mill's upcoming title, Caesar IV. Click here for screenshots!
Wednesday, August 17th 2005 Relaunched
Welcome to the new Tilted Mill site! The site has been given a fresh coat of paint just in time for a big announcement. Be sure to check back soon...
Monday, January 3rd 2005
Tilted Mill Employee Promotions
Starting the New Year off right, we are very pleased to announce the following promotions!
  • Chris Harvey – Programming Support
  • Matt Zimmitti – Junior Designer
  • David Beebe – Associate Producer
  • Blair Evans – Testing and Design Support
Tuesday, November 9th 2004
Tilted Mill's Premier Game Now in Stores
The day has arrived, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile is now in retail stores across the nation! The official press release can be found here.
Tuesday, October 26th 2004
Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Gone Gold
Pharaoh is pleased. Not only is his pyramid complete, but Myelin Media and Tilted Mill today announced that Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile™ (PC) has gone gold and will be in stores for PC starting Tuesday, November 9.

For more information on our premier game, please visit the official site!
Wednesday, October 13th 2004
Site Relaunch and Pre-Order Bonus Announced
The Children of the Nile site has been relaunched with a new look and additional content! Along with this, a pre-order bonus for the game has been announced, which you can get more details on right here.
Tuesday, October 5th 2004
CotN Site Update
Yet more updates at the official Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile site, as we come closer and closer to release. Among other things, one of the last pieces of music from the game's soundtrack is now available, in addition to more screenshots and desktop wallpaper for October!
Tuesday, September 21st 2004
CotN Site Update
The official Children of the Nile site has been updated with new screenshots, music, characters and more!
Tuesday, September 7th 2004
New CotN Gameplay Video
The Children of the Nile site has been updated with a new gameplay video, along with many other goodies!
Monday, August 30th 2004
Three More Join the Team
Tilted Mill welcomes the addition of Peter Hollmer, Tom Wihelm and Ron Aghababian to QA and Development Support!
Friday, August 27th 2004
Beta Test Application Closed
The application period for Children of the Nile beta testers has ended! Thanks to everyone that applied. We are now going through the entries and will be notifying the winners via email in early September.
Friday, August 13th 2004
Children of the Nile Beta Test!
We're looking for a few good testers. Beginning today, and for the following two weeks, Tilted Mill is gathering applications for our closed Beta test. Up to 1,000 selected applicants will get to play pre-release versions of Children of the Nile and provide valuable feedback.

Applicants whose computers meet the game's minimum specifications will be chosen to represent a variety of playing styles and hardware configurations.

Interested? Apply here!
Wednesday, August 11th 2004
Personnel Announcement
The following Tilted Mill employees have been elevated to new positions in the company! Cake for all!
  • Mat Williams to Producer
  • David Beebe to Associate Producer
  • Blair Evans to Lead Tester
  • Lenny Eusebi and Matt Zimmitti to Scenario Designers
Tuesday, August 10th 2004
CotN Site Update
The Children of the Nile site has been updated today with a new design insight by Chris Beatrice, as well as a new piece of music, six screenshots and more!
Tuesday, August 3rd 2004
SEGA set to Evolve An Ancient Empire
SEGA Europe Ltd, today announced an agreement with Myelin Media, LLC to publish Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile for the PC in all territories outside of the United States and Canada.
Tuesday, July 27th 2004
Official CotN Site Update
The official Children of the Nile site has been updated today with the first gameplay movie, as well as a new piece of music and much more!
Tuesday, July 27th 2004
QA Welcomes One More
We are pleased to welcome Jonathan Peters, the latest addition to Tilted Mill's QA and Development staff!
Thursday, June 10th 2004
QA Continues to Grow
Tilted Mill welcomes two more employees, Tom Fenselau and Jared Sorensen, into the QA and Development Support fold.
Wednesday, May 26th 2004
Tilted Mill Moves to New Offices
Tilted Mill has moved to bigger and better offices! We will have some pictures of the move and office later on, but for now if you'd like to learn more about Tilted Mill and where we are located, check out the Company section.
Wednesday, May 19th 2004
Two More Join the 'Mill!
The QA and Development support staff increases by two more with the addition of Blair Evans and Matt Zimmitti.
Tuesday, May 4th 2004
Official Children of the Nile Website Goes Live!
We are overjoyed to announce the launch of the official game website for Tilted Mill’s premier project, Children of the Nile!

On the site you’ll get some sneak peeks at what Children of the Nile has to offer, read the inside scoop from Lead Designer Chris Beatrice about how this game came to be, learn the story behind the music for the game from composer Keith Zizza, and much, much more. We sincerely hope you will enjoy visiting the site often, and become part of the growing Children of the Nile community.

Visit the official Children of the Nile website!
Wednesday, April 21st 2004
David Kondor Joins the Team
Tilted Mill is very pleased to welcome newcomer David Kondor to the fold. He joins us after spending some time at Turbine Entertainment Software, in Westwood, MA
Thursday, April 1st 2004
TMill Team Prepares for E3
Each year, designer Jeff Fiske has shared with us his unique take on the annual game industry spectacle known as E3. This time around he offers us something special, as he dusts of his notes from last year's show in preparation for what's in store for us this year. Here's what he has to say about his annual write-up:
    "After my first trip to E3 in 1998 I wrote up a game designer’s point of view of the show, both for our employees who could not make the trip and for the non-designers that had attended the show. I was surprised how useful this exercise was for me personally, and so I have done it every year since. I got in the routine of writing up my notes within 48 hours of the show, then monitoring the game sites on the web to see how the commentary of others compared with my own initial opinions. Two years ago I shared these notes on the Tilted Mill company website."
For those who don't make it to the show (or even many of those who do), Jeff's take on the state of the industry, and the ongoing changes we're all witnessing, may prove eye-opening. Enjoy the full article: E3 2003: a Show to (not) Remember
Monday, March 29th 2004
GameStar interview on Children of the Nile
German magazine GameStar interviewed designer Chris Beatrice recently on his inspiration for Children of the Nile, and what makes this game stand apart from the crowd. The interview has been translated into German for the GameStar site, but you can read the original English interview on our site.
Tuesday, March 23rd 2004
Children of the Nile gets its first exclusive URL
The good folks at 3dGamers have given a home to CotN. Visit to see their game section for Children of the Nile, which is now online, and features information, screenshots, and a Q&A with designer Chris Beatrice.
Sunday, March 21st 2004
Tilted Mill Proudly Introduces its Debut Game
If you're tired of the same old strategy game-play, and wondering when the next generation of city-building is coming, then you'll want to check out Tilted Mill's debut game: Children of the Nile. A unique blend of strategy and simulation set in exotic ancient Egypt, this PC title features unparalleled detail and realism, addictive game-play and first class audio and visuals. All this is delivered to you in a rich 3D game environment where you are encouraged to explore the immersive setting, and where all game components are so seamlessly integrated that once you enter the game world you'll never want to leave.

Read more about it on our games page, and in recent interviews with designer Chris Beatrice on GameSpy and StrategyInformer. Also come back next month for the launch of the official Children of the Nile website.

Children of the Nile is set to hit store shelves later this year.
Tuesday, March 16th 2004
Tilted Mill joins forces with Myelin Media
To ensure that our games actually find their way into your lives, Tilted Mill is excited to announce its new relationship with Myelin Media, a New York based independent game production company, one of whose central credos is to empower developer creativity.

When Tilted Mill first set up shop more than two years ago, we were very interested in exploring alternatives to the traditional developer / publisher model, so that we could apply our tremendous experience at running a successful studio from "soup to nuts", and would have the resources needed to do so.

The Myelin team has consistently shown an extraordinary and unwavering level of support in our team and our projects. They have the passion, drive and keen insights that will ensure our games realize their full potential both creatively and in the marketplace, and they bring a refreshing and sorely missed entrepreneurial spirit to the game publishing arena.

We're thrilled to be working with a partner who has the confidence in us to allow us the space we need to do what we do. This collaboration also allows us to maintain a more intimate relationship with our fans and the journalistic community, something we at Tilted Mill have always believed is of the utmost importance in building and maintaining our reputation as a top notch game development studio. Together we have taken up the mission of delivering top quality, innovative titles to the public, and will announce details of our first project in the very near future.

Read more about Myelin in a Gamespot interview with founder Gene Mauro.
Tuesday, March 16th 2004
Tilted Mill QA staff continues to grow
Our QA and Development support staff continues to grow, with the addition of Impressions alumni Lenny Eusebi, David Beebe and Hans Schroder.
Friday, March 12th 2004
New Team Members Join Tilted Mill!!
We're growing! Several new team members will be joining Tilted Mill in the next couple of months. We only work with the best of the best, so these folks deserve congratulations for making the cut. If you think you've got what it takes to be part of the Tilted Mill team, see our jobs page for available opportunities. And now, here they are...

Greg Sheppard will be heading up our QA department starting in April; Kwan Sukasame joins the art staff; Ken Parker becomes our writer; Jeremiah Freyholtz takes over as webmaster (thank goodness); Chris Harvey becomes our first QA/Development support person, and Victor Rachels and Jim Solomon join the programming staff. Whew!
Friday, August 29th 2003
First Annual Slacker Day
No team works harder than the Tilted Mill crew, so we decided they deserved a day to relax and enjoy the sunshine before our short New England summer came to a close. Everyone came to Chris' house on the Friday before Labor Day for fun, sun and food.

Check out the photos. One footnote: back in 1999 while struggling to finish up Pharaoh™ on time, I coined my now famous phrase, "they don't call it Labor Day for nothing", because this is how I broke the news to the company (Impressions) that we had to work through that entire holiday weekend. I suppose in some ways this is an attempt to redeem myself for that... -Chris
Tuesday, May 27th 2003
Debut Project Described
Tilted Mill’s debut project is both strategy game and "society-sim" – the first of its kind, and a new experience in strategy gaming. In a compelling historical setting we've combined in-depth strategy game play with a society simulation in which characters think, feel and act individually, like real people, creating a vivid, organic and bustling world, and a degree of reality never before seen in a strategy game.

Power in this game is not purchased or managed as in a business sim, but is earned by establishing a relationship of trust and cooperation with your people, and then leveraging this to build a lasting civilization and empire, and bring it to its cultural peak.

With their own individual dreams and aspirations, your people go about their lives with or without you. They have free will, and act in their own best interests, struggling to feed their families and climb the social ladder. They decide whether to fight and die for their country, or to simply flee when hostility threatens.

Your role in the game world changes as play progresses and your power increases. You begin as a humble local leader, but can eventually rise to rule a vast empire.

This game employs state of the art 3D technology with full camera control, allowing you to enter the game world and observe the daily lives of your people up close.

Expect to see it hit the shelves in 2004!
Tuesday, May 20th 2003
Tilted Mill meets with Gamespy
We met with John "Warrior" Keefer at E3 to discuss our debut project. Read the full story!
Monday, May 5th 2003
Tilted Mill team preparing for E3
We're busily putting together our materials for the big show. While we won't be showing any of our projects at E3 this year, we will be doing some interviews, and maintaining contacts with publishers. We'll also be checking out the latest and greatest from our peers in the games biz. Hope to see you there!!
Thursday, February 20th 2003
Tilted Mill licenses Empire Earth™ Engine
Tilted Mill Entertainment has signed a license agreement with Stainless Steel Studios to use the Empire Earth™ engine. The Tilted Mill team has been working on its first project based on this technology for almost a year now.

This engine has been the cornerstone of Empire Earth™, one of the most successful games of all times, having sold roughly 1.5 million copies worldwide. "The technology is very solid, and incredibly versatile. We will be enhancing it further, and plan on using it to create a variety of different titles in the coming years. This technology will not only save us several years of research and development time, allowing us to jump start development and build momentum for our projects quickly, but also removes a huge amount of risk and uncertainty from the process. We're confident this engine will allow us to make the best games ever, and Tilted Mill is indebted to Rick Goodman and all the team at Stainless Steel Studios for their efforts and cooperation in making this possible." says Chris Beatrice, president and director of development at Tilted Mill.

Tilted Mill is actively using the engine for one project right now, but has begun laying the foundations for two others to be based on this technology. The studio is already working with a major publisher on its first project, due to be announced this year.

Empire Earth™ is a trademark of Sierra Entertainment, Inc. The projects contemplated herein are not affiliated with or sponsored, endorsed, or approved by Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
Friday, January 17th 2003
Heroes of Might and Magic IV™ programmer/designer joins Tilted Mill
Gus Smedstad becomes TMill's newest programmer Gus Smedstad, lead programmer and lead designer of Heroes of Might and Magic IV, has joined the team. Gus and his wife will be relocating from sunny California next month, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have him on board. Gus brings 20 years of professional programming and managerial experience to the team, having played key roles in such well known titles as Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV.

In his many projects, Gus has served as lead designer, lead programmer and team lead. He brings a rare combination of veteran experience and unspoiled enthusiasm to the process of creating games, making him a perfect fit for the Tilted Mill team.
Monday, January 13th 2003
New staff members join Tilted Mill
Today Tilted Mill grew by three more people!

Tilted Mill has acquired another designer, senior artist and a project coordinator.

Designer Tony Leier joins us from Impressions Games, where he worked on such successful and memorable projects as Caesar III™, Pharaoh™, Zeus™, Cleopatra™ and Poseidon™.

Senior artist Mike Malone, also an Impressions veteran, joins Dennis Rose and Adam Carriuolo in the art department. Mike joined Impressions as part of the Lords of the Realm II™ team, and went on to make memorable contributions to such games as Lords of Magic™, Caesar III™, Pharaoh™ and Lords of the Realm III™.

Project coordinator Mat Williams, project lead, designer, programmer and erstwhile artist for the RPG title "Prelude to Darkness" joins the admin staff.
Tuesday, January 7th 2003
Welcome Tony Hosier and Jeff Somers
Two programmers join the Tilted Mill staff.

Tony Hosier will be joining the Tilted Mill flock, having spent a few years programming next generation slot machines. Jeff Somers, a farm boy from New York state has started plugging away on our big secret project.

Adam Carriuolo will be bringing his wide range of artistic talents to our team in a couple of weeks. Next week, another senior artist, as well as a designer and project coordinator will make their homes at the 'Mill.
Friday, December 13th 2002
New team members joining in January
We're bringing on six new people in January. Some positions are still open.

Check out our jobs page if you're interested... we're looking for artists, programmers, and a project coordinator.
Sunday, September 15th 2002
Company moves to Wellesley
We've set up shop in Wellesley Massachusetts. Check out the pictures of our new digs...
Monday, May 27th 2002
Staff returns from E3
Chris, Jeff, Peter and Claudia have just returned from E3 Read Jeff's report from the show: "E3 2002: A Developer's Perspective"

For potential fans of TMill’s games who want a glimpse of what is going through our minds after observing the twisted cultural train-wreck that is called E3, here is a brief snapshot from a sleep-deprived developer with an overfull schedule, revealing what he got from the show...

Read the full report
Wednesday, May 22nd 2002
Tilted Mill hires Senior Artist
Tilted Mill welcomes Dennis Rose to the team. In his nine years at Impressions Games Dennis worked on more titles than he can count. He joins Tilted Mill as our Senior Artist, and the first member of our art staff...
Monday, May 6th 2002
Strategy Plus interview with Chris
Chris Beatrice is well established in the computer game industry...

He is the designer of the highly acclaimed city building games Pharaoh and Zeus: Master of Olympus, of which both have sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. He has also worked on game classics like Lords of the Realm I & II, Lords of Magic and Caesar II & III... If you know how to read Swedish, follow this link:

For the English version, click here.
Sunday, May 5th 2002
Pharaoh lead programmer joins Tilted Mill
Tilted Mill welcomes Mike Gingerich to the team. Mike Gingerich was the lead programmer of Pharaoh, Lords of Magic, and Zeus. Chris, Jeff, Peter and Keith have worked with Mike for almost seven years...
Sunday, April 21st 2002
GameSpy Interview with Chris & Jeff
In 2002, veteran game developer Chris Beatrice decided that it was time to strike out on his own to create games that needed to be made...

With the help of a few other (former) Impressions Games friends like Jeff Fiske...

Check it out at here.
Friday, April 19th 2002
Keith Zizza to join Tilted Mill as audio director
Tilted Mill welcomes Keith to the team. Keith represents the highest echelon of musical talent in the gaming industry, and we are very pleased to announce that he will be joining us this spring as audio director.
Sunday, April 7th 2002
Cool Web Interview with Chris & Jeff
Interview with Tilted Mill...

"We are talking with Chris Beatrice and Jeff Fiske about a new company called Tilted Mill..."

Check it out here.
Thursday, March 14th 2002
RPG Vault Interview with Chris & Jeff
Tilted Mill Interview... This interview is today's lead feature on RPG Vault.

Check it out here.
Wednesday, March 13th 2002
HomeLAN Interview with Chris Beatrice
HomeLAN chats with Tilted Mill founder Chris Beatrice... the former Impressions Games member talks about his new company's plans for gaming.

Check out the interview here.
Friday, March 1st 2002
Initial Press Release

Chris Beatrice, designer of Pharaoh™ and many other worldwide bestselling titles, has parted from Impressions Games after many years to establish his own studio, Tilted Mill Entertainment, Inc.

Before founding Tilted Mill in 2002, Chris led Sierra's Impressions Games studio as Director of Design and Development, General Manager and Creative Director. In his nine years of industry experience, Chris has played a key role in the development of more than 20 published titles, including the internationally acclaimed Lords of the Realm™ and Lords of Magic™ series. With Pharaoh™, Chris brought a new dimension of worldwide success to Impressions’ unique city building games.

Jeff Fiske, formerly senior designer at Impressions, well known for the Civil War Generals™ series and as the lead designer of Lords of the Realm III™, has joined Chris at Tilted Mill.

A group of versatile talents rounds out the rest of the Tilted Mill team, representing a unique concentration of experience and expertise within the industry, eager to create strategy and RPG games with the potential of making gaming history.

Right now, Tilted Mill is working on its first project, which is scheduled to be in pre-alpha phase this fall. The studio is already working with a major publisher on a publishing and distribution agreement for this and future products.