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What does 'Tilted Mill' mean? [^Top]
Is that a Don Quixote reference?

Yes, it sure is. For those of you who don't know the story, Don Quixote is this (sort of crazy, but noble) knight who mistakes windmills for giants... and charges at them with his lance (known as "tilting"). So "tilting at windmills" has come to refer to the act of engaging in a futile endeavor... one that can never succeed. We believe anything is possible, and some things only seem futile to those who lack vision. To us "quixotic" means "idealistic", not "unrealistic." Simply put, we've knocked down more than a few windmills over the years, and we expect to see many more falling over as we move forward!

We also appreciate Don Quixote's spirit. When you spend all your time making games, you can't take yourself too seriously. Laughing at yourself is the only way to maintain your sanity. We make our fair share of mistakes, though we try hard to avoid them. But, at least we give it our heart and soul and when we are right, the experience is better for everyone.

Do you have a 'mission statement'? [^Top]
Your site describes the key people at Tilted Mill, but doesn't really get to what you are all about, can you elaborate?

We don't have a formal "mission statement", but over the years we have developed a sort of intuitive "philosophy" about how to make great games, and how to run a studio that provides a supportive work environment, and creates a positive experience for all those who are a part of it. At least we hope we have.

We are a group of people who want to make the best strategy games in the world, and who want our employees and fans to agree. We work with the best people in the industry, treating everyone inside and outside our organization with professionalism and respect. One of the best aspects of making games is being fortunate enough to work with super-talented people, and being able to set the bar extremely high. This process creates a very rewarding experience for everyone, including our fans who reap the benefits by getting great games.

As developers, we often remark at how those who don't do what we do for a profession don't understand how difficult it is, and how many obstacles must be overcome just to survive, let alone to succeed and prosper. There is still no rule book for how to make a good game and get it to the finish line on time. As a matter of fact, there isn't even a road map to show you where the finish line is! Sometimes what a development studio or team requires to be able to deliver an awesome game doesn't make sense to someone looking in from the outside. So part of our philosophy is a commitment to do whatever we have to in order to make great games, period.

What makes you think you're different? [^Top]
You say what everybody else says about their company. What makes you guys think you can achieve your goals?

We are speaking from experience. We have come very close to achieving these goals in prior situations. Through many difficult years, an unbelievable amount of hard work, and lots of guidance from great folks like Impressions founder David Lester, we were able to achieve some degree of mastery over most of the significant challenges facing all game developers. That doesn't mean we've exactly got it down to a science — it's still definitely more of an art! It's no piece of cake to make fun, high quality games, on time and on budget, but because of our experience, we have a very good idea of how to do just that. We know how to incorporate new and fresh ideas during development, and to constantly re-evaluate where the project is going, and redirect when necessary, while not letting the project lose its original focus.

We expect great things from our audience. During our years at Impressions, getting to know our audience always helped us ensure we were delivering what PC strategy gamers were looking for. It's very important to us that people who buy our games feel they've spent their money wisely.

We get great people. We always keep our eyes open for exceptional talent to bring in house, to learn and grow with the company (yes, we know that sounds like a cliché), where other developers might elect to sub-contract whenever possible. Our approach reflects our long-term commitment to making the best games in the world, and to building the best studio possible. We've always felt that top quality sound, graphics, writing, play testing, and web site creation (our present effort notwithstanding) must come from people who are a part of the company, and are fully invested in its success. We view all these disciplines as integral parts of the game creation process.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. David Lester always viewed a game as a complete experience - not technology, art or design, but a synergistic experience. Chris has always affirmed that philosophy. As a result, products designed by Tilted Mill team members have stayed on the shelves for several years because the overall experience makes them entertaining.

Can you say anything more about the games you're doing? [^Top]
We feel very strongly that the strategy genre has a lot of potential that hasn't even begun to have been realized. For example, no one has really figured out how to offer the considerable depth of some of the classic turn-based strategy games, but in a faster-paced, easier to use real time game. There are so many ways that the city-building genre, RTS, and hybrid games combining a fast-paced combat experience with a more relaxed (and sometimes even separate) tactical model can evolve much further, while still maintaining the key play dynamics that make those kinds of games so addictive and fun.

We want to "turn up the flame" on all fronts — make combat more exciting, without getting more complicated, and make the more tactical aspects of the game deeper and more engrossing, without getting excessively complex, unwieldy or difficult to manage. We know we can make games that, by their nature offer different experiences to different gamers, depending on how they choose to play. That's what strategy gaming should be all about, right!? Multiple paths to victory, multiple ways to approach the game, no "right" and "wrong" play style.

Attempting to sum up let's just say that you can look forward to games that capture the essence of what is fun about a certain genre without the preconceived constraints imposed by previous games purportedly belonging to that genre.

See our games page for titles that we have created so far, and what we're working on now. What's next? You'll have to wait and see! Be sure to keep an eye on for all the latest.

How do I join? [^Top]
Are you guys hiring?

Sorry, we currently have no job openings available. Keep an eye on the site for any updates!

What do you look for when hiring? [^Top]
What we're looking for are people who want to be part of a "meritocracy", not a "mediocracy." The people we've had the benefit of working with in the past are the most talented and dedicated you'll ever meet in the industry — bar none. The people we had the pleasure to work with at Impressions were always held to an exceptionally high standard, and it showed in so many ways.

At Tilted Mill, we want people who appreciate being appreciated, who only expect to be rewarded based on their individual merit, and how much value they are able to impart to the company and its products. We want people who try hard and aren't afraid to make mistakes. We want people who, like us, focus on actual contribution not superficial "fluff" (I guess we've been a little spoiled).