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Hinterland Scene October 30th, 2008
The free Halloween-themed update has been released on Steam! The update includes:
  • New Characters (you can play as) Ė The Trickster (a Halloween-themed character) as well as Fallen Hero and Goblin Thief
  • New Followers - Pumpkin Farmer and Undertaker
  • New Buildings - Pumpkin Farm and Graveyard
  • New Enemies - Jack o' Lantern, Scarecrow and Minotaur
  • New Items - Explosive Pumpkins, Sickles, Magic Stick, Dead Remains, Wolf Blood, Spider Venom, Goblin Blood, Witch's Brew and Shovel
October 29th, 2008
Tilted Mill will be releasing a free Halloween-themed update to Hinterland very soon! The update includes new monsters, items, characters and more. So be sure to check back in the coming days.

October 21st, 2008
Hinterland is also now available for purchase on Impulse!

October 13th, 2008
Hinterland is now available for purchase on GamersGate!

October 10th, 2008
Following last week's successful launch of Hinterland, Tilted Mill Entertainment today announced that the first free Content Update (details) for the title is now available! It will be automatically downloaded and applied to the game via Steam.

The full title, including the Content Update, includes French, German and Spanish, in a single multi-language version of the game.

October 10th, 2008
RockPaperShotgun posted a designer diary from Hinterland's co-designer and producer Mat Williams.

October 8th, 2008
Tilted Mill released details about the first free content update for Hinterland, expected to be available in a few days! The update includes new character types to play as, new creature-specific items, the ability to acquire resources through your town, a character info screen, and many other enhancements and features inspired by community feedback.

October 6th, 2008
Tilted Mill is working on a content update for Hinterland to be released in a week or so. Details on the update will be released really soon, so be sure to check back!

October 2nd, 2008
An update for Hinterland has been released which improves game start up, addresses a few technical issues for individuals who had problems on initial loading, and includes gameplay tweaks such as a rebalance of difficulty and its affect on your score, and how the presence of random chests were handled in the world. See this thread for the entire change list. The next time you log into Steam, the update will be automatically downloaded and applied!

Tilted Mill has been watching feedback from the community very closely and will be continuing to support the game, so stay tuned!

September 30th, 2008
IT'S TIME TO LOOT, LEVEL AND BUILD. Hinterland is now available for purchase via Steam!

September 28th, 2008
The videos section has been updated with a trailer, which includes snippets of looting, leveling and building!

September 26th, 2008
We're excited to announce that Hinterland is about to go gold, and we expect it to be available through Steam (for $19.99) early next week!

September 23rd, 2008
We've released two gameplay videos with Goblins and Trolls! Also, a big set of new screenshots have been added to the site.

September 20th, 2008
Hinterland was on target to be released this Monday, the 22nd of September. However, we have decided to delay its release a week or two, so that we may implement some additional features and content to the game, many of which came from the excellent suggestions we've received from the community. We want to thank you all for your support and patience. We know this delay may be disappointing to some, but we're confident it will ultimately provide a better play experience for all.

Thank you,
Tilted Mill Team

September 18th, 2008
We've released a new batch of screenshots! Featuring a town raid, a dragoneer and pet dragon, dark dwarves, a high priest visitor, and more.

September 1st, 2008
PC Gamer/GamesRadar has published a preview of Hinterland! Here's a snippit:
As excited as everyone is by Diablo III, you find yourself wondering: what else could an RPG be? Is collecting loot, side-questing, selling to shopkeepers (and repeat) the only way to do it? Hinterland is built off the same fantasy ingredients we're used to seeing in RPGs, and you can spot the inspiration - Diablo, Rogue-games, Dwarf Fortress, city-builders - but we've never seen the ideas mashed up like this. "In making it, we kind of had this 'why didnít someone make this before?' feeling," says Jeff Fiske, co-designer.
August 26th, 2008
We are now accepting new applications for the Tilted Mill Insider program! Insiders get access to our games while still in development, reporting any bugs and providing feedback directly to the developers. If you'd like to help test our games, simply fill out this application. We will be accepting a new batch of Insiders very soon as we ramp up for the Hinterland beta test! If you don't make it in this round, fear not, as we will be accepting new folks over time and you could be called upon at a later date.

August 8th, 2008
More Hinterland press! GameSpy posted a preview, and Big Download has an interview with Chris Beatrice and Jeff Fiske discussing various aspects of the game, including how it came to be.

August 6th, 2008
The final three pieces of Hinterland concept art are now posted; Spoils, Tower and Undead!

August 4th, 2008
GameShark has an interview up with Chris Beatrice and Jeff Fiske discussing Tilted Mill (Part 1) and Hinterland (Part 2).

July 24th, 2008
We have released three new screenshots today, including a battle with skeletons and a couple town scenes. We've also added four pieces of artwork depicting a Necromancer, White Wizard, Elf and Witch.

July 18th, 2008
We're proud to release the first screenshots for Hinterland! One shows the lord character and other party members in town, preparing for their next adventure. The other screenshot depicts an attack on an ogre lair, where the monster is protecting his valuable loot.

July 16th, 2008
We've released four new pieces of artwork! See below for paintings of troll hunters, gnolls, a dwarf and a dryad.

July 14th, 2008
Tom Chick posted a Hinterland Q&A at Fidgit regarding combat, the role of magic in the game, and more!

July 11th, 2008
The official Hinterland site goes live! Hinterland will be available later this summer for under twenty dollars, through digital download.

Also, we've opened the Hinterland forums. Join to discuss the game, ask questions or make suggestions.

We'll be adding more content, including screenshots, to the site on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often!

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