Graphics Cards
Determining the DirectX compliance of your graphics card can be tricky, as can purchasing a new card. We direct you to the following articles as a courtesy to help you determine what cards may be compatible with Hinterland. They're from Wikipedia, so we can't vouch for their correctness, but they should be accurate most of the time.

For charts of ATI cards' support for DirectX:

For charts of NVIDIA cards' support for DirectX:

Some laptop or built-in graphics cards that meet these requirements may show poor performance.

Troubleshooting Tips
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.

If you adjust your resolution several times without restarting, some UI elements will be slightly misplaced and the mini-map may be incorrect. When you restart Hinterland, they'll be in their correct locations.

Gameplay & Strategy
For hints, tips and strategies on how to best tame the Hinterland wilderness, visit the Gameplay & Strategy forum.

If you are having problems, please visit the Hinterland community technical support forum and you may find other people that had the same issue and resolved it.

If you make a new post on the support forum, please attach your dxdiag report. A dxdiag report is a text file that shows what hardware and drivers you have installed. To create one, click on the Start menu, then "Run..." (in Windows XP) or the Start Search window (in Windows Vista), then type "dxdiag" and press return. Choose "Save all information...", pick a spot to save the dxdiag report where you'll be able to find it, and attach the resulting file to your post.

Tips on Game Performance
If you're having problems in this area, go to the Options panel from the Main Menu, set textures to "Forced Low," uncheck Shadows and turn FSAA (full screen anti-aliasing) off. Defragment your hard drive and close all other open programs (including those running in the background, like Google Desktop, QuickTime, iTunes, etc. -- though if you're playing through Steam, you must leave Steam running). Turning the sound off (set the master volume slider all the way left) may also help, depending on your problem.

Exploring the whole region in a Long game without conquering any sites can also lead to performance issues on slower machines.

Keyboard Shortcuts
ESC - Cancel current dialog, or bring up the save-and-exit dialog
Control-O - Open Options Menu
Spacebar, or P - Pause game
Tab - Toggle Region Map
T - Toggle the overhead view while in town
WASD - Move your character
1,2,3,4 - Use a healing potion (press 1 to heal your character, 2 to heal party member #2,etc.)
Shift - Prevent your character from moving (helpful when you want to click somewhere while being sure not to move closer to a dangerous situation)
Right-click - On an enemy, engage it (helpful when you want to be sure you attack, and not move, loot, or do anything else that left-click does)
Shift-click - On an item, delete it (or sell it to the merchant, if you've recruited one) immediately, with no confirmation
R - When placing buildings, choose another orientation (some lots only have one possible orientation; most have two)